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Class of TMuscle '05 and Older?


please stand

Just remembered my original account password and am so happy. I hated wearing a join date of 2011 with a new account.....


I've been here since the beginning, but I completely forget what my original account was.

I still remember when TC started selling creatine monohydrate to the community - the first supplement Biotest had. Anybody else have any recollections from "back in the day"?


Tubesteak boogie


My original login was AlphaMale, they changed it when the product came out. I remeber sitting in my girlfriends apartment using her computer to listen to those audio files they were putting out, I guess that would have been around 1998?






Remember Renton? ChinaGirl?


Yeah, I remember when

oh wait, nevermind.


Remember when there was no internet and it was Muscle Media and it was hard core and then Bill fucked it up and went all general fitness? Good times.


I remember the audio logs. Loved those.


Well what was your 2011 name?


The internet wasn't even invented in the ninties


I'm a T-mag old-timer, too...since the very first year.

I used to be "rosheem" until they switched it over.

I remember some of the supplements that came and went: T2, Androsol/Nandrosol, and much more recently 11-T, which I would trade a kidney for if I could find it.

I remember China Girl. And this little guy...Nate Dogg or something...he was a pretty prolific poster back then.


Ahhh, the good ole days.


From one '05er to another, enjoy:




All my favorites were around back then, like Vroom and Rainjack and Harris and BigRagoo and his hot friggin wife.... and all my very liberal friends.

Those were good days.

Hell, I remember Wol's first thread, I think I made fun of him for it.


1) Fuck you for insulting my thread
2) I had a first thread?

I remember those guys. Rainjack either left or got kicked out for giving the mods shit. Either way, he stood out.


Rainjack was a fucking retard. Vroom was pretty cool though, BigRagoo too. And Chewbacca, not to be confused with Jewbacca.


That's how I remember him.

Hey Edgy, if you think I'M becoming a grumpy old dude, just remember Rainjack makes me look like a happy-go-lucky little puppy.