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Class of 2009?


Has anyone else noticed, the class of 09 seems to have discarded all the idiot fuckface members and now just represent themselves in a basically appropriate and educated manner?

I was just browsing a couple threads and find them completely devoid of 09 reterdedvilleness.

The ride was fun while it lasted though. 09 welcome to the forums.



Who will we haze now?


Guess we will have to revert back to hazing the normal douchers. Unfortunately the forum seems to be almost completely devoid of any trolls at the moment as well. .....

This sucks. where is a good celtics when you need him?



So it's safe to come out now?


11's are right around the corner


"please dont say '10ers"


I would wait until Jan 1st, just to be safe


Listen man, the only reason I started posting more often was so this wouldn't happen.

Retract that god damned post right now. Got it, bud.


Wait, let me get this straight. I make a post congratulating the class of 09 for NOT being toolbags and you want me to take it back?

FUCK 09 strikes again!



Implying I'm not still here. Come at me, bro!


There is so much WIN in this clip. I especially like the fat guinea in the second row saying, "fuck you!"


As the person who started 2009 member hate, I did not give you the authority to welcome them.


Hey Vegita, who the fuck made you ambassador?


i thought we were friends.


I think you missed national coming out day.


You thought wrong you 09 scum.


You just said what we all were thinking man then, and again now...

VIVA LA 2008!

The class of the Hot chick


If only he'd finished the cheesesteak


Crossfit is the best road to becoming Mr. O!!!


Didnt someone make this thread a couple months ago?