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Class of '11


Its about that time again! As we usher in a new year the veterans of the T forums steel themselves for the inevitable onslaught of new members eager to show their worth, display their physiques and espouse their training advice. In an attempt to give some semblance of order to this phenomenon perhaps all new members could introduce themselves in this thread rather than jumping straight into the deep end of the forums. Maybe a brief outline of your training history, your goals and importantly your current training status, will help those who take take note of such things when forming an opinion of whether someone should be running their mouth of the interwebz, to separate the proverbial wheat from the chaff. So without further ado...

Ive been training for about 5 years and I now sit at around 100kg/220lb.

My pb lifts are 150kg/330lb bench x 1

Deadlifts not sure as I dont normally go heavy. Ive pulled 180kg which is around 400lb but that was a while back.

And squats...Lets just say i'll be working of them in 2011


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OP: you look strong. welcome.


I still think 2009 was one of the worst classes. 2010 was much better.

Good luck to 2011, yer all fucked.


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9591- 9/5/91- September 5, 1991

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how am i supposed to understand your secret code name. but no, im not a professor. much lower on the food chain. im a grad student. I get the bitch work and a way smaller office.


you'll get there one day just be sure to spend years improving one while totally neglecting the other

And seblime is actually a mixture of my actual name Sebastian which means 'revered one' and Sublime which means lofty, impressive. Combined they make the ultimate screen name 'Seblime'!


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since I'm also class of 2011, my only goal is to win my class in my first show.

also to learn the difference between to, too and two.


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