Clashed with My Dr. Over Elevated Liver Enzymes

I may have asked a couple of you about this at some point but can’t remember.

When I took the yearly labs, CBC with metabolic and probably another, it showed my liver enzymes up significantly. I took that test when I had gained some weight. I’ve never ever been over 200 in my life. I’m 5’11. And I’ve also never had an abnormal liver enzyme test. I’ve usually weighed around 195-197 while on T and working out. Felt great.

My Dr. called me when she saw the result, (btw she’s always been against me taking T. Always told me that she would never prescribe it and it’s a heart attack or pulmonary embolism or stroke just waiting to happen,) and immediately told me to stop the T and that she’s 100% convinced that testosterone was too much for my liver. I then mentioned that I had taken T for yrs, different times in my life and it never affected me that way and I mentioned my recent weight gain, as I know weight can do a number in your liver. She actually argued with me and said maybe I should find a new Dr.

Here’s what happened. I stayed on T. I started running the trail everyday, cut out the shit I was eating at that time, lost that excess weight I gained. Took the liver enzymes test again and it’s back in normal range. So I messaged my dr about the new test and how it’s back to normal having lost that weight and that was while staying on T. Of course…she never messaged back.

Congrats on standing your ground.
Go find another doctor.


There is currently no data that shows TRT causes heart attacks, strokes or liver problems. In fact there is 30 years of hard consistent data showing benefits to heart function in those with heart disease, but out comes one study showing heart attacks and without even closely looking at the study believe it at face value.

The said study had gross calculation errors and some patients included in the study were female, as of now the study has lost all credibility but the damage has been done and so doctors keep believing nonsense studies.

Good riddance.

The liver enzymes can become elevated simply by being sick.

And working out with weights as well

My liver enzymes would also get elevated when I got over 200 pounds. I was told I had non alcoholic fatty liver - and I think when I got over 200 it would be to much fat in the liver.

I also had mildly high triglycerides.

I think trt has helped everything. My liver enzymes have never been better. Metformin may have helped with the fatty liver as well though I stopped metformin recently.

Yes you will learn you are the best advocate for yourself.

I trust NO Drs. I verify, research, get copies of all diagnostic tests.
If a Dr tells me to stop reading or googling or refuses to order tests i think are necessary, I find a new Dr.
If they order any tests i like, I let their stupidity slide a bit …haha