Clash on the Coast MW Show, and American Log Press Championship

For anyone who isn’t aware, the biggest Men’s MW strongman show EVER began today, and runs through Sunday! 3 events ran today. They included: a 300 lbs sandbag carry/ 700 lbs chain drag medley, a 300 lbs log press, 250 lbs block press, 175 lbs circus dumbbell press medley, with 1 press each for the first 2 implements and max reps on the dumbbell, and then a 320 per hand farmers carry/ 400 lbs duck walk medley.

This event is being put on by strengthcollective, coresports, and ESPN (crazy right??). It’s a huuuuuuge deal, as Middleweights have been getting the shaft in strongman since weight classes were created. But these guys are absolutely phenomenal.

Through the first three events, a friend of mine, Tommy Sharp, is in 1st place! I competed at my very first show back in 2014 with him, and I believe it was either his first or second show. We’ve competed together more times than I can count. The dude is an absolute monster, his overhead pressing and carries are both world class, and he doesn’t really have any holes in his game overall. So clearly I’m rooting for him.

This weekend, the American Log Press championship is ALSO being held at the same venue, and in my opinion, it’s a near certainty that the log record will be broken, and probably by more than 1 person. I’m pulling for Trey Mitchell in this one, another fellow Texas competitor.

Anyone have some other predictions for the weekend??

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Do you have a competitor list? Wondering if my friend Matt (who I haven’t seen in a long while) is competing.

Have a look at their website, just google clash on the coast 105, I don’t see anyone called Matt in there.

They had a bunch of problems with sound on the livestream yesterday, but it was still fun to watch. No downtime due to the way they had different heats go through different events at the same time made for constant action. I must say, the block in the press medley must have been really frustrating for most of those guys, if you got that you were pretty much guaranteed first or second in most heats is what it looked like. Today they’re having keg toss, axle squat and a good old odd object loading medley. Fun stuff!

Really happy for Bobby Thompson, I think he surprised a lot of people with how well he did in Bahrain. Based on his interview with Shahlei a couple of weeks ago he’s rightfully really confident right now. He said he’d get the record, and I don’t think he’s one to make such claims without believing in them, so I’m not surprised he came out on top on the log.

It’s a shame the live stream was a bit of a shambles on the first day, although what I saw was still enjoyable to watch. But it was much better on the second day, plus the Keg Toss was one of the events which I always think looks the most impressive.
Gutted that I missed the Log Press competition, not sure if it was an issue with the stream or CoreSports as once the U105’s events finished it just seemed to loop between adverts and ‘Intermission’. Only found out about Thompson’s lift when I’d noticed Big Loz’s video on Youtube.


That sounds like a sweet line up of events though. Good for spectators and fun for the competitors.

I don’t think there’s anything official online yet, but James Deffinbaugh (who got 4th in heat 2) posted a list of finalists on reddit:

Isaac Maze
Dan Hughes
Tommy Sharp
Richard Moz
Shawn Schumaker
Ryan Saxton
Nick Cambi
Josh Eisele
Andrew Mock
Reed Tompkins

Plus viewers can vote in one more finalist:

This is such a solid finals group! It’s gonna be a hell of a show tomorrow!

My boy Tommy made the finals!! So happy for him, he could absolutely podium tomorrow.

I had a couple other favorites going into this as well. Nick Cambi is very strong on the finals events, it’s good to see him there. If I had to pick a winner overall right now, it would be him.

Andrew Mock is a super good dude, and he’s actually an MD as well. Been on the front line of the covid battle for the entire last year. Props to him for getting this far with everything else going on in his life. He’s been a top finisher at the highest level before, wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the podium tomorrow.

Richard Moz is one hell of an athlete too. Also from texas, so I’ve seen him compete a lot. He and tommy came out of the same heat, which was absolutely STACKED. Easily the toughest group.

Meeeee too. This dude is absolutely demanding respect at this point. He’s very underrated, but not for long. Even bigger things to come for him.

I hope I’m not the only one happy to see someone other than Oberst with this title. I absolutely cannot stand that man, lol. For someone claiming to be able to log press 500 lbs for so many years… You’d think he’d, you know, actually do it sometime.

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I did not know about the MW competition. I did see the American log record go. Also - respect to Rob Kearney. Cheering on the guy that is breaking your record is a mark of real class.

Is there any way to watch it in the UK? Its not online.

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It’s livestreamed on coresports, signup is free.

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The stream has started, I’m excited. Didn’t know most of these guys beforehand and I’ve decided I’m rooting for Andrew Mock (who just got the opening weight on the axle) and Dan Hughes. Let’s see, Mock looked pretty nervous to me when Fuhrman introduced tue athletes.

Sidenote: Rob Kearney is a natural at commentating.

And he’s got at least second place in the bag on the max Axle against Cambi. Impressive performance!

Licis has uploaded the whole events (days 1 & 2) to his YouTube channel. Which is great. I didn’t managed to watch it live. I’m going to get around to it when I can.

I did see the LW ladies Axle clean and press get broken at the same event I think. 275lb. That was impressive. I tried a 230lb 3-4 weeks ago. Dam near broke my ribs catching it on my chest. 100% respect for her.

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Was that the Canadian woman Melissa Peacock? She hit 180 log clean and press for like 11 reps last year at the Arnold. Clean each not clean and press away. She also won the Arnold last year

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She’s amazing. I was really taken aback.

So I’ve done a bit of catch up on the show. Wow. There it is a bit hit and miss.
Some heats look awful. Where the winner of one heat would have finished near bottom of another. But I guess that’s sport.
The first day - the block press looked tough. So many guys struggling with that.
The second day the squat might have been a bit heavy. A lot of guys getting 0 on that.
And the loading event - they just went in any order. I always thought he had to go in order so they can get the split times in case of a draw.

@flipcollar - I saw your boy Tommy get a raw deal. They set the equipment up wrong for him on the squat. And his bar touched 2 inches too low. They let him re-do the event. But what it must have taken out of him. I’d be a bit pissed if that was me. I guess he still qualified. But its a poor show. Especially with prize money on the line.

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I like it this way because it adds another strategic element. Lots of people struggled with the keg, so it became a question of doing the keg first when you’re fresh or leaving it to the end to get the chance for a quick four implements if the keg goes badly. Why would you need to go in order to get split times?

That is a fair point. I do like the idea of tactical pick and choosing. Do you load heavy and awkward first - and aim tom complete. OR aim for fastest not to complete.

FYI - the guy on day one, judging the pressing in a pair of tight, cut off shorts wearing walking boots with the socks pulled right up…

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