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Clarks Rule for supp use

Is Clarks Rule applicable to the use of not only herbal supplements but also to something like Hot-Rox or Surge (amount of scoops according to body weight)?

Clarks rule just in case anyone is interested is basically a formula which will figure out the correct dosage of herbal supplements for any person. Supposedly that is.

it is your weight divided by an average adults weight (150lbs) and according to the outcome of that you are supposed to be able to figure out your correct dose.

I wouldn’t use that rule if you going to apply it to drug like supplements. Every one differs in sensitivity so i would recommend always starting on the lowest recommended dose.
what i am saying is that it is kinda stupid rule and probably only applicable to non-herabl/food orientated supplements like surge.

BAM, I’m not familiar with Clarke’s rule, but the amount of Surge you use is based on TBW (and the amount of muscle a person carries). Since one of the things Surge does is start the process of refilling muscle glycogen, it would make sense that those with more LBM would use more Surge. There are dosing recommendations on the tub.

Re Hot Rox, since it’s super-charging your metabolism and, among other things, optimizing thyroid function, it shouldn’t matter whether you’re 105 pounds or 265. Dosing recommendations would be the same for people at either weight. Dosing recommendations in this case are NOT based on TBW or LBM.

Does that help?

Yep, makes sense now. This is kinda off the topic - but in regards to testing bf% on people who have lost alot of weight, I am one of them. For me take a skin fold around my ab region would be kinda pointless since it’s all just loose skin for the most part. I can see my top two abs coming out but I am afraid I will never see the rest. Seeing my abs really isn’t a big deal to me at all, however I would like to be able to get an accurate bf% measure. Any tips on doing this? Are there alternate skin fold sites to use? I can see the splits in my quads and calves and my arms/forearems are pretty defined. It’s just that damn loose skin!

BAM, the two most accurate BF tests are hydrostatic weighing (dunking) and DEXA.

Some universities have a tank in their exercise physiology department. Call around.

Some doctors have a DEXA machine in their office. It’s used to test for bone density (osteoporosis). I found a doc that was willing to do the test for $50, but I think I’m lucky. They usually run about $125 a test.

Both forms of testing are supposed to be accurate within a percentage or two.

The only other option I might consider is something new they have out called a Body Pod. Do a search on the 'Net. The company has a locator, and maybe there’s one near you.


Thanks, Scott! (grin) Good to see you on the board!