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Clarifying 1.4 Final Week and How to Approach Restarting Beyond 5/3/1

Hello all,

Two quick questions:

  1. Finished beyond 5/3/1 (1.1-1.4) do I jump right back into 1.1 with increased TMs now? First time using the 20 week program. No need for a deload, correct?

  2. I notice in the final week of 1.4, there is no deadlifting. Typo, or correct?
    It has day 1: squat and bench; the next lifting day reads: squat and press. Thoughts?

Much thanks. Hopefully my concision is understandable.

I did the final week as outlined in the article, I SURVIVED it too, no gates of hell opened, no fireworks no injuries, just a normal week of training :slight_smile: Just messing with you, but do it as is, a week off from deadlifting can do wonders to the body and be a deload in itself.

In terms of running it back to back, technically when you return to 1.1 you have effectively reduced the intensity from 1.4 BUT what I’d do if it were me would be to run a cycle or two of 5’s Pro FSL, before going back to the 20 week template, just my 2 cents.

  1. Do another program for 2 cycles.
  2. Yes, that is correct. This specific program is designed to do a meet. Thus one tests their lifts on Saturday or Sunday (when meets usually happen). If you aren’t doing a meet, you must replicate meet conditions so get with your friends/training partners and run a mock meet.

5’s Pro FSL?

I’m not sure what this means.

I think with “5’s pro” is meant the chapter “5’s progression” in the beyond book.
FSL means First Set Last. A chapter in the same book.

Just bought the book so now I’m all caught up. Thanks.

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