Clarify the 531 Rep Scheme on BBB

I am looking to start the BBB template from Forever 531 book (page 49-50) and it states that each week in the 3 week cycle is 5/5/5 then 5x10.

Excuse my novice question but I thought 5/3/1 was 1st week 5 reps, 2nd week 3 reps and 3rd week 5/3/1 reps.

Also, is the last main set AMRAP?

Thank you!

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This is not a mistake. You are looking at leader template, where 5’s progression is use. This means the same percentages are used but you are always doing 5 reps instead of the standard scheme. There is no PR set to account for the increased volume of supplemental work (BBB in this case). The PR set can be back in your anchor depending on what you’ll choose after the leader.

Also the PR set is NOT an AMRAP, but a hard set where you stop 1/2 reps short of failure.

Read “programming your training” page 17 for Jim’s explanation. I recommend you read the first part of the book before looking at the programs as it will give you an understanding of the bigger picture.

Good luck and enjoy!

Thank you for your detailed response! I’ll go over the book again and make sure I get a better idea of the big picture.

Just to quickly ask - In this Leader Template of BBB, I can treat the last main set as an AMRAP set? And then when I switch to an Anchor template down the line, if I’m doing a PR set, then I’d do a hard set rather than an AMRAP set?

Thank you!

Definitely not! You’ll be happy to have done 5 reps when you start your 5x10.

Wait for the anchor for your PR set, it’ll be worth it.

Thank you again!

Regarding the Assistance Work (last question, I promise), it states 25-50 Push, 25-50 Pull, 0-50 Leg/Core. Should I be doing all 3 or just pick one to focus on each workout?

Do all 3 but keep in mind BBB is stressful so follow Jim’s advice and do not go crazy on them

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