Real quick, is 1 cc of test a week considered to be a high or mid dose? Yes, I read “The Steroid Interviews” by Chris Street…but I’m still not sure on this subject. Prisoiner 22 I know you have some good thoughts on the subject. I’m not a pro bodybuilder or powerlifter…just a devoted weightlifter looking for some good knowledge.

Depends on the # of mg/ml (or cc). If it’s 250mg/ml, then that would be considered low. If it’s 500mg/ml, then that would be middle, and if it’s 1000mg/ml then you would just be shooting powder in your arse:} Hope this helps. Peace.

gear is not measured in cc’s it is measured in milligrams!

1cc in most cases is 100-250 mg of test.
There are some products that pack more than this per mg, but I havn’t used them

200 mg of test per week is little more than hormone replacement therapy. A normal male can produce 10-15 mg of test per day. Much of this test is kept inactive because of proteins in the blood which bind to the testosterone causing inactivation. Actually only 2% of testosterone produced is active outside the testes. The main proteins responsible for this binding are albumin and sex hormone binding globulin (SBHG).
So this means when using steroids for muscle enhancement you must use doses well above normal physiological levels to ensure that there is more unbound active test/ AAS available to bind to the Androgen Receptor.

Anyone notice how helpful and patient P22 has been lately?

yeah he must be getting laid a lot more often.

Maybe he’s gunning for the T-mag soldier of the week.
With that Ventro-gluteal site I think he’s got a good shot at it. It would be nice for a needle toting junky with test for blood to win for a change.

No its none of those reasons, (and by the way Creed, I highly doubt they’ll every look past the training and nutrition forum for their soldier of the week- and we are relegated to the “basement” of the forum) The real reason is I’m just putting off my real work I have to do i.e studying and assignments (I’m a habitual procrastinator, and end up cramming all the time, and pulling papers out of my ass at the last minute) So 'chatting about roids is funner then studying about ‘Nursing trends and issues’ or ‘Nursing leadership’ or ‘Nursing theories’ You get the picture? P-22

Are you in nursing? me too, I’m in an accelerated program here in good ole, Nebraskee, and yeah I do an awful lot of procratinating myself. I have never posted in this forum before, but, while I’m here what would be the highest dosage of Tren and Winny anyone would recommend a week and for how long. Also would any ancillaries be needed? I know someone can’t just wait to tell me to fuck off and do my homework, but, I’m asking this because of a Cy Willson article he posted about various steroid one, two, punch combinations.Another thing I’m wondering about is that in news and reader mail there was once some mention of overseas(China)vendors and I was just wondering if thes were finished or raw products. anyway did not mean to hijack.
Thank you,

K-Fall, Well the beautiful thing about those accelerated programs is you don’t have to stick around for an extra year or two and take the bullshit courses that supposedly ‘define us as a profession’ yawn! (I’m in my 4th year of BN program) As far as tren and Winstrol, The doses I have found to work for me is 75mg tren per day combined with either 50mg winstrol-V (injectable) or 75 mg of oral per day. I personally like to add a litte test to the mix as well, just to keep the g/f happy -if you know what I mean!

I can’t help you with the China thing though - I personally haven’t ordered anything from there. Maybe someone might pm you with some info if your lucky.

I just want to know where half-life is getting the 1000mg/ml gear - LOL!

half-life, now that I think about it that 1000mg/ml ‘gear’ is probably just Drago1’s urine. He bottles that stuff up and sells it to newbies because he “refuses to recycle.”

That said, other than being a little stinky, it’s good clean gear and from what I’ve heard it assays out at better than label claim.

For 1000mg/ml, just buy a gram of test w/your choice of ester, and just shoot the powder. Voila. Just kidding to all the newbs out there. DO NOT DO THAT.

Unless of course you get a hold of Drago’s urine, then be my guest and shoot away. Plus you’re right, it did exceed label’s claims as I called up San Rafael and I think it was a pubic hair over 1000mg/ml.

Test Amounts – When I was -taking- Test as part of medical treatment, I was getting 400 a week, because at age 45, I’d stopped producing it in significant quantity. Test Cyp, as I recall.

Unfortunately, it drove my red blood cell count (hematocrit) into dangerous levels – 67% at one point, requiring them to draw off a pint of blood and replace it with saline.

I’ll be 50 in May, and my endogenous test is now in the low 200s on average. We’re still looking for a way to raise it without other consequences.