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clarification regarding EDT

Hey. Firstly, another big thanks to all the guys who’ve offered me their advice over the last couple weeks regarding EDT. As I push the program, I am confronted with one more uncertainty, however. Hope y’all can help again.
Each training session has you begin at a weight that is about 1/2 of your 10RM. So, it seems that this is fine for just about every exercise. I can choose a load that approximates 1/2 the 10RM, and begin working downwards from there for the duration of 20 minutes. Got that. But what about abs? It doesn’t make sense to apply these same principles to this body part as the other ones. What does 10RM on the abs mean? Doesn’t make sense to me, because you are not using any load against the muscle when you do abs, so the 10RM principles doesn’t seem to apply to abs (unless you dump a few 45lb plates on your belly to create some resistance.) So, my point is, how do you incorporate the abs into the EDT program the SAME WAY as you incorporate all the other body parts? Does this make any sense? Finall, I also notice there is no dedicated shoulder work on EDT. Is the reasoning here that I am getting enough shoulder work when I do the machine presses? Again, thanks a lot. I keep learning a ton of information from everybody on the forum, and I really appreciate all the knowledge and experience that is out there. Keep up the great work!

As for the Abs, just add weight. If you are doing hanging knee ups,just add a dumbell in between your feet. For decline situps, hold a plate on your stomach area with your hands. Or you can just use the high cable of a cable machine to do crunches.

Shoulders are a small muscle and are probably overtrained the most out of any muscle. You get plenty of shoulder work with rows and bench presses. If you want to do shoulders, you can subsitute a bench press movement or add some in at the end of the workout. Hope that helps you out.