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Clarification on Deadlift Socks


I'm not paying $17 for a pair of actual DL socks, so please don't post up links or suggest that I get the real ones.

Most of the time I just lift in regular workout pants so I don't have to deal with socks, but I thought it would be nice to switch it up this summer.

On that note, I searched through a could previous DL sock threads and came to the conclusion that there are three main alternatives to actual DL socks people are using: soccer socks, baseball socks, and regular knee socks.

My question is, out of those which do you think is the the best bang for the buck? I'm interested in protection (obvious) and not having to pull them up every time I start walking.


soccer socks probably sturdiest


I bought these and they've worked well.


I'm pretty sure mine came in a 2-pack, and I got them at Dick's.


I second the soccer socks.


if you;re not using for competition, shin guards work. but as to your question, soccer socks.


Any kind of athletic knee-high sock. Underarmour, Nike, etc.


Does it really make a difference? I wore a pair of 2-3 dollar baseball socks for a while and never scuffed up my shins. I don't see the point in paying for anything more than that.


I use a pair of Reebok volleyball socks that I think I paid around $7 for at Sports Authority and have had them for over a year with no rips. No need to get any fancier than that or soccer socks.


If you really want to be crazy cheap take a sock that you have, cut a hole where the toes are, and just pull it up over the leg so it is on your calf. This trick works well at a meet when you forget to bring shin high socks and nobody has a spare pair.


I like the sound of that price. Thanks. On second thought, I wear yoga-like pants and never end up tearing up my shin, so a little bit thinner sock probably wouldn't be a problem.


Bet you were pretty disappointed to find out they only sell sporting goods. Buy the socks as a consolation?



I can honestly say that when I pack my bag for a meet I just grab two pairs of kneesocks (most likely purchased at Target). Never put much thought into it before. Didn't even know that there were specific DLing kneesocks.


I bought ten pairs of tube socks at Wal-Mart for $5.50. The only downside is they are white and look a little dumb compared to dl slippers. They're perfectly knee high I just want to dye them black one of these days, but they haven't ripped in almost a year.


Yeah, that is what I make people do, hehe.

My comp socks are soccer socks just because I like how they look. My daily DL socks are just knee high funky patterned ones from Target.


Yea this is the first I've heard of them even existing.