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Clarification on 'Damn Good Program'?



Go to page 2, step 3.

I'm trying to add size, so is the chart saying that for my first exercise for a muscle, I choose any of the listed reps/set (6-8, 8-10, or 10-12)? Then for the cecond exercise, I only choose between 8-10 and 10-12? And so on..


Yes. Not that it really matters.


I thought the amount of reps/set you did significantly mattered...


the difference between 6-8 reps or 10-12 reps really isnt as much as a deal as you think. Training your ass off consitantly, eating correctly, and getting enough rest are far more important.

Stop overthinking it and just go train.


Probably better to do higher reps on exercises your new to though :slight_smile:


Yes. :slight_smile: