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Clarification on Conflicting Info


the newbie cycle sticky seems to conflict with what the vets on here seem to say...so clarification wold be much appreciated..

Im starting a first cycle of test only - looking to add some lean mass..my question relates to Adex, and Nolva..

8 week cycle (maybe stretch to 9 or 10 if things go well)
Test E Only
front load 500mg x 2 first week
500mg per week for balance of cycle..

the sticky shows adex from the start all the way through to the end of PCT, is this correct...

some of the vets say leave adex off, but have it incase you need it (even though gyno cant be reversed with adex)..

should adex be taken from start of cycle to end of PCT, if not what is the breakdown

the plan is to start nolva two weeks after last pin


by the way, if adex should be throughout the cycle, i would take .5mg twice per week (when i pin)...

its capsul, so i would empty the contents, ingest half..


If using a medium ester it doesnt make a whole lot of sense to start the adex from day 1.

Id wait a week or maybe 2.

And you dont use AIs to the END of PCT. You want to taper off the AI a few weeks before PCT ends. There are plenty of posts on that.


thanks man

ill start adex at week 2, and taper it off after the first week or so of pct