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Clarification of TM Choice During 7th Week Protocol

When trying to get the 5 100% reps for TM test, do you use the current cycle TM or the planned next cycle TM?

Also is the 85% and 90% referring to 85% and 90% of 1RM or something else?

Finally, can anyone recommend on of the programs in Forever for gaining strength for golf?
Using Classic 5/3/1 for golf and if has been amazing. 4 day a week training in morning and I’m fine to play golf in afternoon any day. The Jumps and throws have been the best addition I picked up in Forever.

Either or. Its just a way to make sure your TM is correct. If you want to bump up the weights go ahead. But it not, thats fine as you will increase in further cycles anyway.

Yes, but don’t think too much into this. Its just a benchmark really. It may not necessarily be a accurate measure of your maximal strength. I just did several PR’s with my TM and did them for 9-10 reps. which means they are much lower than 85%. This is good as it shows I am getting stronger while using a less taxing intensity.

Just make sure that the program your using doesn’t adversely affect your golf game, if getting better at golf is your main priority.

Then just keep doing that. If its working there is no need to change anything necessarily.