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Clarification of Overcoming Isometrics

Hey Coach,
I’ve seen in another post where you recommended 1A do NCW except replace the explosive work with overcomining isometrics. Can you explain what exactly that is? In a blog video you mentioned the iron-cross. Is there a broader range of movements that fit into this category?

I’ve read all of your (free to the public) work and watched your videos on neuro typing. Still trying to piece it all together. I’m a high level perfectionist. To me nothing is worth doing unless it is going to be done with excellence. Yet I can hardly ever actually finish anything. I’m struggling with motivation (it’s been months since going to the gym) because I just can’t seem to be happy with a routine. It may really sound silly but I’m not motivated at all unless I’m sire that it is a winning routine. I did 531 for quite some time and it was great for about 6 months then I was extremely bored. I usually get real bored real fast. Not much keeps my attention or excitement for long. I’m hoping that with this new theory of training that this annoying hill can be overcome. I’m on and off again so much. Just because of motivation drops and boredom