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Clarification for Some Core Exercises


Hello all!

I am going to implement some core/auxillary muscle training on my off days which are Tuesday and Thursday (total body training Monday, Wednesday and Friday).

I have been reading a few articles that a few of the posters here have given me. Given the lack of equipment in the gym I go to and the lack of alternative options (I live in Africa) I have chosen a few of the exercises which I will post below.

The routine I have decided on is:

  1. Warm up on the rowing machine
  2. Anti-extension (vertical cable press, blast strap fallouts/ab wheel)
  3. Carries for anti-lateral flexion
  4. Anti-rotation
  5. Glute activation exercises
  6. Barbell hip thrusts (light weight and holding at the top)
  7. Overhead shrugs for posture (light weight and holding at the top)
  8. Cable face pulls (light weight and holding with scapulae tight)

I have a few questions however:


  1. Vertical cable press
    What is the weight you would start with on this? I am 77kg/170lbs. It is exericise 2 on the below link.

  2. The gym does have blast straps so would you rather do blast strap fallouts (link below) or ab wheel roll outs?

Anti-Lateral flexion

  1. Waiter carries and farmer walks - how far do you walk? Also, is there a rule for determining the weight you should use, or aim to use, i.e. X% of your [insert exercise here]?


  1. I am struggling here to find an exercise that I can find for this section that I can do in the gym. Any suggestions?

Can you think of any other core exercises that might be useful? The gym does have cable machines but they’re non-adjustable so either at the very top position or the very bottom position. There is an ab-wheel and some blast straps, as mentioned before.

Sorry about the long post. Any help/advice/adjustments will be much appreciated.


If you are doing core/auxiliary exercises on your off days, your program sucks or you are not giving it enough.

And the above looks like a program on it’s on.

What exactly is your full body program?


Thanks for the reply!

No, come on! Doing these exercises on a very light weight is hardly taxing. I used to lift a lot when I was younger but because of my job and where I was living I stopped for years and have recently got back into it. The above is mostly for muscle activation (glutes, core etc). Junk food doesn’t exist here either so my diet is the cleanest it has ever been so recovery is amazing. I am increasing weight each session for the main routine so I can only lift what the routine says I have to lift for that session. The main routine is the Stronglifts 5x5 and I am lifting more than my partner who is bigger than I am.

I take your point about it looking like routine itself. Perhaps it is too much to do the whole above routine twice a week as well as 3 full body sessions and I could split it in half and do half on Tuesday and the other half on Thursday.

Do you have any of the answers to any of the questions I asked by any chance?


Sorry, I do not.

My personal philosophy is too not complicate my life. all I see is a wall if crit. But, that is just my opinion