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Clarification: AMAP

I read this article recently ( https://www.T-Nation.com/training/guaranteed-muscle-mass ) about putting on mass to skinny guys. I have always struggled to put on mass and am trying this routine out (along with eating as much as I physically can)

In the article he says do 70% 1RM x AMAP. Do you think he means for just 1 set or 3 sets or just keep going to failure on as many sets as possible until you can do no more reps?

Any experience would be great

(Here is the article again: https://www.T-Nation.com/training/guaranteed-muscle-mass )

As Many As Possible

Eight of the exercises were listed as having only one set where reps were as many as possible.

One exercise was specified as 5 sets all being done that way.

Your problem sounds more to do with consuming enough calories than your workout plan.

Asking for suggestions on ways to increase caloric intake might benefit you more.