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Clarification, 5x10@FSL (BBB)?

I have the 5/3/1 forever book and was looking at the Leviathan program. I need clarification however on what 5x10@FSL (BBB) means.

Am I doing the first part of Leviathan working up to TM and then

65%x5, 75%x5 85%x5, then 5x10@40-60% and then assistance

or am I doing the

Training Max, and then just 5x10@40-60%, then assistance.

This is likely a very easy question for must of you all and despite being in the gym for years and years I am new to programing anything other than the original 5/3/1. Thanks for the help.

FSL = First Set Last

So you take the percentage of your first working set and do as many sets x reps as the specific program tells you.

There are different ways laid out in 531 Forever to use FSL, your example of BBB@FSL (BBB being 5x10 after your main work) would like like this (after warmup, etc.):
as laid out in Leviathan (work up to TM)

supplemental work:
70% 5x10


Got it, thank you!

Will start leviathan in a week, feel free to report how it “feels”. Thanks.

top set then 5x10 @65% then assistance

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