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Clarett's Fall Continues


Maurice Clarett seems to be continuing his downward spiral.

Over the past 2-3 years, OSU fans were never "neutral" about him. Then when he came out critical about the school and its program, they appeared to be done with him.

He's only 22; maybe he can salvage something after all this (most likely not with football, but who knows).

The guy seems to be his worst enemy.

It sounds overused...but what a waste of talent.




Have to agree with you on that and through it all his own mom is his biggest supporter.


I know there are a few Ohio State fans on "The Nation".

Maybe they HAVE completely written the guy off!

He really did have a lot of negative things to say about Ohio State without ever looking at himself...




He's going to have to either go to Canada, or the Arena league, if he ever wants to play again.

It is indeed sad that he has fallen so far so fast.


It's pretty sad when you see a guy with a Heismen winning body but the mind of a punk. I wish some three string kid who busts his butt could have his talent.

As a Buckeye fan I despise what he's done, but still hope he can get it together. Without him that 2002 National Championship would have never happened, plain and simple.


I agree, I think it is just sad. And, I think that seems to be the general consensus around here in Columbus. If these allegations are true (which wouldn't really suprise me), this guy clearly has no concept of consequence. He made a lot of mistakes, but now he fucked up big time.


This certainly relates to the Vick story.



Interesting, looks like he got the chance to train with Charles Poliquin for a bit.

"So Clarett quickly switched to Boston's guru, Charles Poliquin, who denies supplying Clarett with HGH or steroids, even though Boston has been suspended for steroids. Poliquin and Clarett teamed up for six weeks in Phoenix, but it fell apart when Clarett wanted to move back to L.A., back closer to his rap friends."