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Clarence Bass Ripped books?

I have seen these ads for that bald guy Carence Bass in muscle magazines for years. Has anyone ever read any of his stuff? What do his programs say? Anything different than usual? The guy is shredded-if his pictures are not doctored.

I bought his original Ripped book about 20 years ago (I’m 42 now). It has since disappeared, and I don’t remember much, however, here’s something so you’ll get the idea.

Breakfast - 2 eggs & toast (I think)
Lunch - Peanut Butter sandwich, 1 glass whole milk
Dinner - Huge salad w/vinegar + something else which I’ve forgotten

The whole thing worked cause it was low in calories & high in fiber. It's also dated in that it's pretty low in protein and you go too long in-between meals. There was no such thing as a post-workout drink back then either!

Go to his web site and read his articles. It should give you a flavour of what
he, and his books, are all about. I’d like to read his latest book but that would require
buying it…