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Clam _igger



That's fake eh


yeah, me believes so


Still pretty funny.



Damn now that I know its fake...lame


This is stupid too because if you're going to make a video like this there are better ones than having "Clam" in it.

What about "Post Hole _igger"
or "Winnie the Pooh and _igger"
or "Roy Rogers' __igger"
or "Itchy __igger finger"
"_igger and better"
" _itch _igger"


"People that annoy you." n_ggers




"Catch A _igger By The Toe"


Not surprising you pushed yourself away from your veggie platter to post here.



This deserved its' own thread?


Quit n_ggin' me, you n_gger!


Every time someone drops an N bomb around me I find a woman of the offending race and place my penis inside her...

Ooooo yeesssss


you know of another thread I could have put it in?



That doesn't count. He used it well and artistically to make a point. I can dig that.


My brother thinks this is the funniest thing ever.

True story.





I usually ignore your racist diatribes but I do so hope that one day, just one day, your girlfriend, your sister or any female relative of yours get gangraped by a pack of _iggers and once they're done violated her, they hang her upside down by her camel toe.

And I ain't fucking sorry for saying this.