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Claims About Bill Roberts 'Statements'


I was just looking for some "outside" info on 11-T when I found this:


Some guy who says he's an ex-T-muscle contributor saying Biotest and T-Nation are a bunch of lying schemers... (nothing new). But there was something that caught my attention: Some claims about Bill Roberts supposedly stating that T-Nation/Biotest was a joke and that their articles where only about advertising their "snake oils" (not to mention that TC was an absolute joke) just before he started working for Biotest.

Now, I love Biotest products and T-Nation articles bur it would certainly be disappointing to learn that Bill actualy said those thing; doesn't speak too well about him or Biotest. Does anyone know if there is some truth to this guy's claims or is he just another asshole trying to catch some attention?


Is that the one where he calls them a lying outfit of clowns or whatever? If so, I read it a while ago. Bill Roberts, AFAIK, is currently working for Biotest, so I guess things changed, lol.


ummm...why don't you just ask him yourself? But I'm sure he will chime in soon enough.

edit Type Anthony Roberts in search function and enjoy..lol.


Talk is cheap - and this industry is filled with self-important douchebags.

Bill posts here all the time, so let's see what he has to say.

It smacks of some pussy with an axe to grind - I liked the retarded "marks" crossed out and "members" placed into the text. That tactic comes right out of some middle-school horseshit....


Bill Roberts and Anthony Roberts are not the same person


I know, (it's kinda obvious)


Be careful about anything Anthony Roberts says about Biotest/T-Nation. I don't know the story, but he didn't leave on a good note....I wish Rainjack was here for this thread!

On that note, search the Steroid forum for Anthony Roberts and look for Rainjacks posts/rants about him.


Did you read your post? Because you don't make it seem as if you obviously knew that.


Did you even read the blog?
While I agree that it was a bit hard to understand his point, if you looked at the blog you would have figured it out.


Read the linked article.


OG's on about your last paragraph i believe? but who really cares, its just a paragraphing error.

From what ive heard about Anthony Roberts, allbeit off this forum, i would not take his allegations about Bill Roberts too seriously.
However, will be interested to see Bill's comments and how this unfolds.


I'm sorry if that came out a bit rude,


Anthony Roberts is mad at the world. Usenet quotes from 1999 don't mean jack shit.


I think AR is an excellent WRITER. I certainly don't consider him an authority on drug use. I also don't believe he sticks to purely non-fiction writing.


ya thats anthony roberts not bill roberts

tony here while some stuff he says is true as far as the science of stuff,most is over inflated hype
try to find other blogs and sources that either confirm or deny what he says dont take what he says at face value ever.


No, but should a post need a decoder ring?

His initial post is unclear, not bashing the guy so don't get your panties in a bunch.

and if he has a question about Bill Roberts, why not just PM him? Wouldn't Bill Roberts be the person to answer his question?


Anthony is quite disenfranchised with T-Nation...has been for some time.


Thank you!


They can't help it if they have the same last name, can they? That's just the way it is. Everyone who's heard of them understands the post.

They're both well known in the AAS realm... or rather, AR is infamous for his tales and lawsuits... BR for his actual knowledge and practical research.


Bill Roberts has been a member of our team for years. He works exclusively for us and has played a big part in many of our formulations.

So consider that when judging the veracity of the alleged quote.

Anthony Roberts wrote a couple of articles for us, but I stopped using them.

(Do a little research on him and you'll figure out why.)

Interestingly, Anthony asked me for a favor a few months ago. Can't remember exactly what it was, but it was something like writing a plug for his book or something.

I refused, so that might be part of the reason he's posting stuff like this.