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Hey, has anyone tried CLA according to the guidelines TC gave a few issues back? (I.e. at least 3.4g per day, using a Tonalin product?) If so, what were your results? I’m thinking about ordering some, but would like to hear some feedback before I do.

Just trying to keep this message alive for a couple of days, since there’s been so much traffic on the board lately…

I tried 6grms/day for 6 weeks and didn’t notice anything special. I used Natrol’s CLA (I believe that it’s produced by Tonalin). But just like anything else it may work for you. From the lack of responses looks like not too many people tried it, or care to comment about their results. I think you can find some affordable prices on the stuff now so you’ll never know if you don’t try…

Thanks for the response, Dave. Yeah, looks like not too many people have tried it yet. I’m thinking about ordering some, I firgure I can get a three-month supply for about $60. Not too bad, and as you say, I’ll never know unless I try it for myself. So I’m gonna do it. Just wanted to hear what others had experienced.

Didn’t notice anything that special, especially considering the cost at 3-5 grams a day. Flax oil is probably a better choice.

I take about 6 grams a day. My waist has gotten smaller since
I have started using it regularly

I’ve just started 4g/day… will keep you posted. I’m hoping this will encourage lean mass over fat growth during bulking cycles.