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Anyone have any experience with CLA? Does it work,if so when do you take it and how often. Using Betalean for a fat burner.

You read TC’s article in the current issue of T-mag on CLA didn’t you?

Yes, I’ve noticed some benefit from taking
CLA. I don’t think it does a lot for muscle
gains, but I definitely noticed it helps me
get leaner. There is a very interesting study
(cited below) that demonstrates that CLA
actually causes adipose cell apoptosis (fat
cell death) as opposed to just fat cell
shrinkage (which is what normally occurs).

Ref cited: Diabetes, September 2000 Volume 49, Number 9 - Conjugated Linoleic Acid Supplementation Reduces Adipose Tissue by Apoptosis and Develops Lipodystrophy in Mice

None whatsoever. But here’s an interesting follow-up question: suppose TC is right that there are inferior forms on the market, and that this is the basis for a lack of results. Well, CLA is found in dairy and meat, as well as in Cheez Whiz too. Although I don’t eat the latter, I do the formers. If I already acquire CLA from natural sources, is supplementation ecven necessary?

You might want to check out the Fat Roundtable article, as the gurus hit on CLA also. I remember Dr. Lowry saying that he found best results was doses much higher (and expensive) than what most labels call for.

0 - I think CLA is less beneficial the better trained you are (and the lower your body fat) - It seems logical.

Akicita, TC addressed this in his article. He estimated that most people get about a gram per day. He figures 3-4 grams (I think) to be effective.

I found 6 grams per day to be most effective.
I eat 7 meals per day, so I took 1gm with
each meal except for my PW meal. The research
implies that CLA will be more effective if
taken with meals, and I found this to be the