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CLA: Yay or Nay?


It seems that CLA from dairy/beef of grass-fed animals is beneficial, while CLA from other sources is not so good. Thoughts, anyone?


Why would CLA from other sources not be good? That's news to me.


I found an article on Pubmed from 2004 in which CLA (synthetic) cause a decrease in insulin sensitivity and a decrease in HDL. Seems that CLA from dairy didn't cause this.


CLA is another one of those thing I wish I had the money for, but I'm not aware of the particulars regarding different sources.


I took it precontest, I found I got reasonably more vascular within a week of adding it to my stack.

Could have just been a function of low bf though. I was taking GNC's brand that was combined with a small amount of caffiene and cayene pepper extract.


Apparently the plant sources are deleterious, while organic beef and milk CLA has the benefits. The best source of CLA is actually kangaroo meat, of all things.


It's a nay for me. Took a pretty good dose of the stuff derived from plants for months, and I think I actually looked worse. I think the "increase in visceral fat" side effect was really happening for me. Might be worth something stacked with other stuff though.

As a side note the CLA in Flameout is a fraction of what I took, and that little bit might be beneficial mixed in with the essential omega fatty acids, but I haven't been able to afford anything more than sporadic bottles of the stuff so I can't provide a good analysis. Can't say I've suffered the same side effects from good old bison meat. Yum.


CLA worked for me for a few months... Cut about 3-4 lbs, got leaner and got stronger

I will have to look into this plant/animal thing.

Mine was safflower oil I believe