CLA vs. Flaxseed Oil

Can someone tell me why CLA is 30 bucks and Flaxseed Oil is typically 10. Both appear to have the same ingredients. Is there something I am missing?

You can knock me all you want, but I’ve cycled and trained for years and protein and minimal supplementation have been the only keys to my long-term success. So what’s the 411 on EFAs? I know they’re essential, but which of these products is better… or are they the same?

Thanks in advance.

No they aren’t the same thing. Stick to flaxseed oil round year. CLA is very good for healthwise but as far as fat loss is concerned, it doesn’t seem to be what it was promoted for. MAYBE helpful for bulking up phase to keep the fat gain to a minimum. I’ll tell you this, we don’t take enough CLA from our diet these days for health benefits. 100 years ago, it used to be plentiful of CLAs in our diets but thanks to modern processing and the way we feed cows, chickens, etc, they don’t produce enough CLAs like it used to be in the past. You will find significant CLAs in PASTURE feed cows (beef,milk,cheese,butter, etc) but you’ll have to hunt down farmers that sell them directly. You wont find them in grocery stores, maybe health food stores if you’re lucky.