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CLA Study Results


"The researchers randomized 105 overweight or obese adults (BMI, 28-32) to CLA 3.4 g/day or a placebo consisting of olive oil for 6 months.

Dr. Einerhand reported a significant 5.6% drop in body fat mass in participants given the CLA supplement compared with controls at the end of the 6-month study period.

Reductions in fat mass were already measurable at 3 months. In women, reductions occurred in both the abdomen and legs, while in men, reductions were only seen in the abdomen. CLA supplementation did not affect tissue composition in the arms."

Interesting . . .

I wonder how and if it applies to non-obese people, though? It seems that whenever they do a study such as this with obese people, whether you give them CLA, zinc, salt or pixie dust, they lose weight/fat. Duplicating those results in healthy, or especially very fit, individuals seems much more rare.

(I’m not trying to piss on your thread at all – just saying . . . .)

I would love to see the results if they used the right isomers (the 9-cis, trans-11 isomer and the 10-trans, 12-cis isomer). I’d imagine it would be even better.

Here’s an interesting one
Purpose:To investigate the short-term effect of CLA on abdominal fat and cardiovascular risk factors in middle-ages men with metabolic syndrome.

-Subjects:25 abdominally obese men between 39-64yo, for 4 weeks

After 4 weeks there was a significant decrease in abdominal diameter, in the CLA group compared to placebo

Author’s conclusion
CLA supplementation for 4 weeks in obese men with metabolic syndrome may decrease abdominial fat