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CLA Questions


I've heard of several benefits this supp offers and want to begin taking it but a few questions:

  1. How many grams should be taken daily?

  2. I already take 8-10 grams of omega3, would it be ok to still take that amount of fish oil with CLA? Or should I continue the fish oil without CLA?

  3. What products contain high levels of CLA? or forget that and just take pill form?

thanks fellas.


I take cla and fish oil together.. I take 4 pills a day of CLA... dont know exactly how many milligrams that is. I've definetly noticed an improvement in my physique since I started taking the two fatty acids about 2 months ago.


CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is naturally occurring; however, you'd have to eat absurd amounts of the source foods to reap the benefits. There's absolutely no harm in taking a CLA supplement with fish oil. I would even recommend replacing some of your fish oil with Biotest's Flameout, which contains a high concentration and optomized ratio of EPA and DHA, in addition to two forms of CLA.


Thanks for the info guys. And I agree Flameout looks bad ass, I just have to use other stuff until it's back in stock.


I personally don't see any need to take CLA unless maybe you have some inflammatory condition and want to see if it helps for that.

If you are maintaining ideal insulin levels, consuming fish oil, avoiding pro-inflammatory lipids and are otherwise healthy, your inflammation levels should be fine without the presence of CLA in your diet.

I also have concerns about the possibility that CLA consumption may suppress the inflammatory response more than is ideal.


cis-9 & trans-12 isomers in CLA give it lipotrophic qualities. a natural fat-loss... helps break down fat & turn it into energy & slows the formation of fat cells. forget getting it in foods... you'd have to eat a LOT of mackeral & salmon.


...or cheez whiz! Hehehe.


I wos wondering if the GNC CLA was good quality.Anyone know?


Whats the recommended dosage for CLA? I've heard a lot of talk from 3-4 grams a day...how many grams per day would be ideal?


Does the brand you use contain those isomers recently shown to have the most beneficial effect on body composition? (as mentioned by Cy and also in today's new article). And what is its name?


So, nobody knows any brands that contain these isomers? I think the WalMart brand might, believe it or not, according to Canius Diris


The CLA from NOW nutrition has 300 mg of cis 9, trans 11 and 330mg of trans-10, cis 12 in each CLA pill.


NOW Foods, rather.