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CLA & Insulin Resistence in Men


How does T-Nation feel about the studies claiming CLA increases insulin resistance in men? I sent an Email to Dr Pariza asking him the same question. Hopefully he will clear it up for me. He replied to another question I had about CLA but I wasn't specific enough about this the last time. I will keep you posted.


we're sure cla doesn't increase insulin sensitivity here ?


What makes you so sure?


i'm not sure, just asking


Can a link be provided to the study claiming that CLA increases insulin resistance?


Yeah I mean there are a few studies, Just Google conjugated linoleic acid insulin resistance. Here's one study and a news article. http://circ.ahajournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/106/15/1925


gets tough when you look at different isomers i guess. i think you'd have to know which isomers are in whatever your eating supplementing with, and how those individual isomers affect metabolism i guess. like in the study you gave


No, That t10 isomer is in all cla supplements.


ok, what percentage?


Tonalin CLA lists 22% of the isomer in question.


The conclusion in this study is garbage.

It's the same backwards thinking that claims that Omega-6 fatty acids cause inflammation.
It's the fatty acid PROFILE AND BALANCE that is important to consider.


No offense but that is a peer reviewed study and it's posted on the American Heart association website. Who are you to criticize it? Also there are multiple studies apparently.


I've been taking 2 grams of Tonalin a day with my Flameout. I'm discontinuing the tonalin for now. The DR has been slow in getting back to me this time. Not a good sign in my opinion.


The study and news article both are from 2002. I'm not saying that it's outdated, but hasn't at least some conclusion been drawn by some expert yet?


You mean the American Heart Association that puts "heart healthy" labels on Cheerios and postures that supplementing with lipids should be discouraged(including those in this study).
That American Heart Association?

Unlike the AMA and FDA, I'm a NON-politicized(I would argue: more objective) and well-read reader of this study.
That's more than enough to offer criticism.



I'm skeptical here too. would have to research the other 78% isomer activity in the supplement to try to really make a conclusion i guess


Further down there's a study that shows CLA increase LBM in obese subjects, but does increase some inflammatory markers.


So it has good and bad sides.


seems to be some concise info here. depending on how you feel about the dairy council i guess. http://www.milk.co.uk/page.aspx?intPageID=283


I don't thnk the American heart association has some kind of vendetta against CLA do you? They are experts so maybe ease back on the conspiracy theories. Anyway, Here is the response I got from DR Piraza:

"This effect is not seen with the type of CLA composition in Tonalin or Clarinol supplements. Tonalin and Clarinol have been extensively studied and this does not occur with these products. It was seen only with a CLA type that is not sold commercially."

Not sure if that's true though because we can clearly see the isomer in the study and on the label for tonalin. He might have a monetary interest in the supplement. (Not a conspiracy theory, I read somewhere that he did)


I think you might be confusing the conclusion of the study with some of the conclusions being made by people on this thread, i.e. their decision to discontinue use of CLA supplementation. If I'm wrong, then please let the readers know more specifically which part of the conclusion you disagree with so we can understand your point better.