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CLA &Guarana

i was wondering if anyone is or has used this combo? how were your results?

this is what i know:
CLA can reduce adipocyte volume. However, when you add Guarana adipocyte volume and number are being reduced. i have been told there will not be a caffine rush when using guarana due to the slow release of guaranine.

i am also looking into a few other agents to mix in.
does anyone have any other info?
I am also wondering about insulin sensitivity.


Guarana is nothing more than plant-based caffeine.

CLA can be useful depending on the circumstances. For one, use the Tonalin form. Also, it needs to be a 4-7 g. daily dosage.

Some people do not believe in the effectiveness of CLA, but there are too many good studies as well as anecdotal reports of the benefits. I personally think that if you have a problem with fat storage due to high cortisol levels, you would see a benefit with the proper dosage protocol. If your fat loss issues are due to other hormonal imbalances then it may not do a lot for you. I think if you have excessive fat storage around the abdomen (and of course everyone says that they do…), you would get more benefit than say someone who stores it predomantly in other areas such as back, legs, tricep etc. If it is a cortisol issue, you might get good results from Tonalin and there are a few others that may help.

CLA also offers other health benefits besides its potential effect on weight loss as well.

As far as the caffeine release from guarana, I don’t know about that. For one, it would depend on the standardization of the guarana, and the problem with herbs is there’s no way to 100 percent guarantee exactly how much active ingredient is actually in there. Insulin sensitivity…read the Caffeine Roundtable in the previous issues.


CLA is an excellent addition to your program.

Here is a post that I put up in another forum over a month ago, highlighting some CLA Specs…

I don’t use thermo’s but to help you out with what I have heard, not tried, but the rave right now for weight loss is 7-keto dhea. I have read quite a few posts and research studies on it. Bill Robert’s actually had some good things to say. From what I can recall him writting that it helped to keep natural thyroid levels to above normal to atleast normal during dieting phases. Also, don’t forget about synephrine.

Da Boxer

I like 7-keto as well, although it’s been a couple of years since I used it. Dan Duchaine touted this one long ago as an alternative after Triax got banned. It’s not cheap at a 200 mg. daily dosage, but I used this with an E/C stack three years ago in conjunction with German Body Comp and dropped my bodyfat almost four percentage points in less than a month. I ended up getting sick for a few days (unrelated to the supplements) however and got off track on my program, and stopped using the 7-keto as it was expensive (Twinlab’s 7-Keto Fuel).

I don’t know who’s all making it now, but I know Enzymatic Therapy has a really good product called 7-Keto Naturalean with a few other bells and whistles. I think it’s in that new Lean System 7 that Brad Jefferies…oops I mean Shawn Phillips (anyone catch that reference) is touting.

Interesting on CLA- I remember when EAS came out with it back and the day, I bought a bunch and it didn’t do jack. Then I heard that it was because of the quality or type, and Tonalin CLA was the way to go. For those of you who’ve had success using Tonalin CLA, how many grams per day did you take, and did you take it all at once, or throughout the day? Thanks…

6 g. per day of Tonalin…this is what Serrano recommends and was one of the two doses used in the clinical studies (3.4 and 6.8 g)

So if I took CLA for a month, would that be sufficient time for me to determine whether or not it worked for me?


I would say so. Don’t expect 10 lbs. lean mass gain or anything, but check your ab skinfold in particular and make sure you take 4-6 g. of Tonalin if you’re gonna do it.

Also, be careful with dosaging. That is, just because you take 6 capsules doesn’t mean you’re getting 6g. For example, I’ve used the Vitamin World brand (i.e. Tonalin manufactured), and the concentration of conjugated linoleic acid per capsule is about 80%. Therefore, the six caps provide 4.8g of the goods, which is still within the range. Just something I thought I’d point out.

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