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CLA... Good or Bad?

I was taking CLA daily from about Aug 2015 - March 2016. I had great results in my stomach/mid-section area. I had seen a couple articles where it said long term use of CLA is bad, specifically for the heart, and that you should go off of it for a period of time.

However, some articles from T-Nation caused me to look into it further and it appears CLA is great for health as long as it is manufactured properly.

The question I have is whether or not CLA is healthy because it is an Omega-6. I limit Omega-6 intake as much as possible. If we have chips in the house they are cooked in coconut oil rather than the omega-6 rich alternatives and we only use Olive Oil and coconut oil.

So is CLA still good for you because it is primarily sourced from safflower oil which is high in omega-6?