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CLA, etc.

Hey guys. Not a newbie looking for a quick way to drop pounds. Rather, I’m in the 4th week of a cut while doing the Book of Muscle’s intermediate routine. I’ve dropped some fat so far, but have considered supplementing my cutting diet with something like CLA. I’ve never tried a fat-burner type sup before, so I’m a little hesitant.

Has anyone here tried it? What are the opinions? I can read all the articles I want, but personal experiences are more important to me. Thanks!

Drizzle, CLA is used often by people wanting to drop BF, but based on my research, I’ve come to the very different conclusion that it might be more effectively used when bulking.

It does increase insulin sensitivity, which would be conducive to your goals, but additionally it decreases excess fat accumulation by reducing the capacity of adipocytes to store fat. That’s why I made the statement that it might be an even more effective supp for those who are bulking. CLA is essentially a partioning agent.

I know you asked about CLA, but honestly, I’d spend my money on Hot Rox before I’d spend it on CLA. I think you’ll get a bigger bang for the buck.

Agreed. I’ve always thought of CLA as the supplement to take if you don’t want to get any fatter.

It is questionable how significant of a contribution it will make to actually decreasing your current levels of fat.

Sigh. Marketing schmarketing.


I have been on CLA for one month on a cutting diet, and I have seen muscle gains during my first phase. I would think that anything that optimizes the acquisition of lean muscle tissue is going to be a good thing whether you are bulking or not. I haven’t found it to be terribly expensive either and I’m probably taking 5-6 grams a day.

Good luck!