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CLA Benefits vs Issues

I need some advice regarding CLA (yes, I know, old stuff).

I’ve gone through some of the old and new articles on T-mag. I also went through Dr. LL’s articles and the recent Flameout thread.

Here’s what I could conclude from it:

  • CLA aids in reducing inflammation, especially the c9,t11 isomer.
  • Combining the two isomers, both c9,t11 and t10,c12, might be better than taking each individually.
  • There are no documented/established benefits for burning fat, increasing metabolism.

However, my biggest concern is that CLA, especially the t10,c12 isomer can cause insulin resistance. In fact, more than one study has suggested it.

Ofcourse, Lonnie recently did suggest that taking CLA with EPA/DHA might mitigate some of these issues.

My question is it worth taking (a chance really) by using CLA by itself with equal quantities of the two isomers?

If anyone has been a user of standlone CLA, please chime in.