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CKD Transformation - the Journey Begins!


Hey All,

This is going to be my thread for my 6-8 week CKD (potential) transformation. I've gone through my main transformation already dropping from 137kg(301) to 86kg(189), then put on some muscle and fat to 100kg(220) at present.

This will be my first real attempt to get into single digit BF, I am hovering at around 15% at the moment at am tired of the last bits of stubborn fat that won't go. I have attempted low calorie diets before but always half hearted and by the weekend have been back to regular eating.

Summer is coming (Cape Town, SA), getting married in 5 months then honeymoon - my time is now!

I will be posting before, during and after pictures on this thread and any info pertaining to my diet and training. I know this will be hard as I love carbs but nothing really good ever comes easily!

I have read a lot or threads on T-Nation regarding Keto and other similar diets that revolve around high fat, mod protein and low carb. I have also read Chris Thibs transformation article plus his Jekkly & Hyde book and also a book I would highly recommend by Lyle McDonald "The Ketogenic Diet". Some heavy reading but as far as I'm concerned if you fail to plan you plan to fail!

This will be my journey and I hope it provides some awesome results. Any feedback, constructive criticism and motivation will be greatly appreciated.




I have used The Ketogenic Diet to plan my whole CKD and the following is what I will be working with:

Male 30yrs old, 6'3 tall, 220lbs - lean mass 185lbs, BF 15%

Goal - 10% or less, 205lbs - lose 15lbs fat

220lbs @ 16 cal/lb = 3520 cal/day = maintenance calories
20% deficit 3520 cal/day x 0.20 = 704 cal/day
3520-704 = 2816 cal/day = approx 13 cal/lbs

Carbs - 10g per day x 4 = 40 cal/day
Protein - 198g per day x 4 = 792 cal/day
Fat - 220g per day x 9 = 1984 cal/day

This will be my macro make up for Sun-Fri morning.

My weekly carb up will begin 5hrs before my Friday afternoon workout and last until midnight Saturday.

5hrs before Friday workout = 25-50g High GI carbs + p + unsaturated fats
2hrs before Friday workout = 25-50g Glucose & Fructose
Immediately post workout = 50g High GI carbs plus 50g whey

First 24hrs post workout = High GI carbs 70%, Protein 15%, Fat 15%
840g carbs, 180g protein, 80g fat = 4800 cal

24-36hrs post workout = Low Gi carbs 60%, protein 25%, fat 15%
420g carbs, 175g protein, 47g fat = 2800 cal


Shopping List

This is my shopping list for tomorrow, if I've missed anything please let me know.

Meat - ground beef, pork loins, sirloin steak, chicken breasts, fish, lean beef patties, pork sausages, bacon, lamb chops, ostrich, ham, salami, chorizo

Dairy - Eggs, cheddar, cream

Fats - olive oil, butter, almonds plus other nuts

Veg - all green veg

Multi Vit, Fish Oils, Anti-Ox, Creatine, Whey, BCAA, 0 cal fibre supp to keep me regular!



Sunday - long walk to start depleting glycogen stores ready for Monday.
Monday - Upper Body

Push/Pull - major muscle groups, 4 exercises, 4 sets per exercise, 6-8 reps at 65-85%, smaller groups 1 exercise 2 sets per exercise 8-12 reps.

Tuesday - Lower Body - I have places legs after upper body because they keep strength well and grow very quickly so felt Upper Body which doesn't respond as well should be first on the agenda when energy and glycogen are still good.

Wednesday & Thursday - light cardio

Friday - Total Body - pump workout, 8-10 exercises, 3 sets per exercise, 65-75% and 12-15 reps.

Saturday - rest.


Everything I fry is with coconut oil. Might want to look into that. Maybe some kinda low carb sauce like hot sauce or maybe some mustard.


daily fat intake looks a little high to my liking, but if its worked for you so far then why mess with success. Remember- as you get leaner and leaner it gets harder and harder to lose fat, so if progress slows I'd start dropping fat/ increasing protein.

I'd also go a bit heavier on your upper/lower days early in the week. Maybe make the first exercise of the day in the 3-5 rep range, as opposed to 6-8. Then go to 6-8 for your 2nd/3rd exercises.

Hope that helps and good luck in shedding those last pounds man, this is where it all really pays off!


Good point - forgot all about seasoning! Will get on it!


Definitely get some good seasoning. It's how I've survived every low-carb diet.


I've seen better results when I also cut out the dairy.


Day 1

Starting weight - 100.2kg (220.5)
Jackson Pollock 7 point caliper reading: BF = 14.49%
Chest - 10
Ab - 21
Thigh - 11
Tricep - 11
Subscap - 15
Supra Ilian - 13
Mid Ax - 18

Measurements cm -
Neck - 39
Chest - 106
Waist - 90
Abs - 95
Hips - 107
Thigh - 68
Upper Arm - 37


Took some before pics Sunday night, was actually quite depressed at the story the camera tells, looks like I don't train at all, need to find some better shadows and lighting for next time!

I suppose taking pics after a weekend of no exercise and a little excess is always going to be a less than flattering story.

Thought about not posting the pics but the more committed I am the better, and after all this isn't Rate my Physique - so game on!


Not liking these much!




front again




What's your training look like? If you decide to continue to cut, you're not going to have much to look at when you do. As you said you don't really look like you train and don't have a ton of muscle so really once you cut you'll just look skinny.

What are you squatting, deadlifting and benching?


The pics dont look flattering at all, which is after a weekend of not doing much and eating and drinking a lot.

My lifts are actually ok.

Max Bench - 150kg
Max Deadlift - 220kg
Max Squat - 190kg
Good Morning - 130kg
Clean & Press - 90kg

These were about 2 months ago, my only saving grace with the pics is when you look at old pics of Chris Thibs before his transformation he doesn't look like he lifts either but he definitely did.

I will take some more pics again next week Sunday to see any progress, definitely won't be skinny though as currently 220lbs and approx 185lbs lean mass. Maybe use a new photographer!


It may be hard posting up these pics for everyone to see, but it'll help serve as motivation to stick to your plan.


End of the 1st day (nearly) and a lot of the weekend bloat has gone.

Hard leg session this morning, not used to doing a legs only session, with some light cardio to deplete glycogen stores. I doubt I'm fully depleted yet but by midday tomorrow I presume I will be.

Squat - 140(310) x3, 100(220) x6 - 3 sets
Deadlift - 100(220) x8 - 4 sets
Lunges - 10kg(22) DB x20 reps - 3 sets
Kettlebell 24kg(53) - 3 x 20 swings

Two things I've noticed -
1. Feeling a lot hotter than normal, haven't taken temperature but presume this is due to body working harder to burn off the new food I'm eating.
2. Always struggled with hectic gas, all day everyday! Today nothing! Amazing, no bloat, no gas and having bacon and eggs for breakfast! I could get used to this!


Day 2

Picked up my Ketostix today, will check tomorrow morning if I'm in Ketosis or not!

Still feeling good, no lapse in energy yet, although had a headache this afternoon and I'm not sure if it was tiredness (bad night sleep) or the mental fogginess and metabolic switch that people talk about. Either way it went within a couple of hours.

Upper body workout was good, despite no carbs since Sunday lunch time still had good strength.
Inc DB Chest Press - 40kg DBs(88) x 5, 35kg DB's(77) x 6 - 3 sets
BB Row - 80kg (194) 4 x 8
Seated DB Shoulder Press - 20kg DB's(44) 3 x 10 - still struggle with overhead pushing after pulled ligaments in neck.
Chins - 4 x6