I’d like other peoples feedback from those who have tried these diets. I’ve done bodyopus, the Anabolic Diet, Metabolic Diet, T-Dawg Diet (no offense guys, u still rock), Atkins, Lyle’s CKD, and I can’t lose fat on them. Whenever I eat a high fat meal, even w/out eating any carbs, I get bloated and never appear leaner. Eating lean proteins doesnt do this to me, but I can go days with NO carbs, watching calories, eating high fat and protein (and no artificial sweeteners) but I still look fat. Even eating a high fat meal, minutes later I look fatter and bloated, almost like eating a high GI, high carb meal. I store most fat on my abs and chest, so know fat deposition is caused from insulin resistance. I think i’m going to try high protein, low carbs and low-moderate fat. Just wanted to know if i’m the only one with this problem, since it seems everyone is getting great results with these diets, and i’m as strict as anyone, but its hard when I’m looking like shit after each meal, and day after day. I might try a Beverly type diet, like Jay Robbs Fat burning diet, or NHE. Just tell me some of u agree these diets suck for you, since I feel like a freak b/c I can’t lose fat with them. My appearance doesnt represent the dedication i’m putting into this, and i’m getting upset. thanx guys.

Hey, just to let you know, the whole low carb thing didn’t work for me either. I was able to lose fat, but I lost way too much muscle in the process. I’ve found that just lowering the calories and keeping a 40/45/15 split works for me. Good luck, Jay

People have different physiologies and chemistries which dictate their responses to various things such as diet. You’re probably better off with some carbs in your system as it sounds like you have a hard time oxidizing the fats. Gradually add carbs until you find the amount you’re most comfortable with for fat loss. I’d urge you to read the book, “The Metabolic Typing Diet”. It goes into quite a bit of detail on the how’s and why’s of why some people do great on high fat diets, others high carb diets etc.

Relax I am very good insulin sensitivity and do well on Keith Kliens & Lee Labrada’s Get Lean Kit (i.e. 50% complex carbs,35% protein, 15% fat). Every time I’ve tried a high fat or high protein diet with low carb my metabolism slows down and I don’t lose fat just like you.
Sounds like you can’t oxidise fat or your thyroid goes down the toilet on these low carb programs. Bottom line there a unique ratio that you can only get through experimentation. John Berardi explans it well that a diet should be based on your insulin sensitivity, read his massive eating artcles it should help
good luck

Hey Kelly I read that book as it turns out my ideal diet is very similar to DiPasquali’s.
Have you explored it any further than the questionaire in the book and if so what type of results have you seen?

The losing fat part of dieting is very simple, but the side effects from depriving yourself are all over the place. I know some people who just eat next to nothing for a while, loose fat, and it’s that simple. The rest of us lose muscle and strength and it all hits the shit. I am wondering (someone at this magazine should look into it) if a one period on/off (like a week, a day, two days, whatever) of dieting and not dieting would work. I don’t mean that yo-yo shit that was talked about, just upping and downing your cals while in diet mode. I have done this without intending to, and it seemed to work. I just wonder if it will improve other diets.

I’m just the opposite. I can actually lose weight and gain muscle while on a low/no carb diet. I live on this type of diet and have a carb cheat day on the weekend. I do have post workout carbs in the form of Surge. The CKD diet is basically the only type of diet that has worked for me. I can stay lean and continue to get bigger and stronger on it. LL

Hey, I have the exact same experiences. The only time I use a strict ketogenic meal is possibly once (at the most twice) after a few higher carb meals. Under those settings it seems to be o.k. Otherwise, I go flat and fat loss is going nowhere.

Your problem is your making dieting too complicated. How long are you staying on these diets a few days? Come on stick with a good diet for a few months and if you still don’t loose fat, then go to your doctor. It does not take a Ph.D. to loose weight. Lyle’s CKD did not help you! Lyle’s CKD in my opinion is the best dieting book on the market(I’ve read most of the dieting books presently on the market.

Yeah I’ve explored it quite in detail. I’ve found for myself I tend to be a mixed oxidizer and do best with about a 40-30-30 type diet. I tried going lower carb but found my body won’t release fat without a certain amount of carbs. I think I remember John Berardi talking about his brothers weird metabolism and how he actually wouldn’t lose fat until he raised his carb intake. As the book says a lot of it has to do with the nervous system. Naturally high energy or emotional people tend to do better on higher carb intakes. People whose life revolves around food tend to do better on higher protein, fat and lower carbs.

Thanks for the input Kelly .Pete69 If youre looking for a more wholistic approach
I would second Kellys suggestion.