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CKD or Paleo


Hi All,

I have another thread going "CKD Transformation" but am having to go in for surgery on Friday for a small procedure which will keep from light training for 2 weeks and 4 weeks for heavy training.

My body is working well on CKD but I have to admit I am probably only tolerating it mentally because of my training and the progress I am making.

Now that I won't be able to train I'm unsure whether to continue on CKD or switch to Paleo while in recovery or maybe something else.

Any ideas which would be best for reducing muscle wastage? natural healing? mental sanity? still working towards my end goals?

All help appreciated as always!



Check out marksdailyapple.com. Tons of information there to help you make your decision to go Paleo or not.

I don't really think it makes much difference how your eating, as long as your eating healthy, and have found the diet that best suits your body and goals. The only way to figure that out is to test it yourself.


Cheers WestCoast - checked out the website and now going to go and buy the Paleo for Athletes book to have a further read through.

Also checked your Paleo Cookbook thread - awesome stuff mate! Will put a few of those into practice regardless of diet.




Mark Sisson? Man, that dude is nuttier than a fruitcake.

I loved his "stalk joggers in the park" paleo exercise. Fucking crazy! Lol... : )


Dude, I'm going jogging in Central Park with a runners group on Saturday. I'm gonna try this on some of the members.


Stalk jogging sounds like a laugh!

I have been doing as much reading as possible on Paleo and I know the basics of it. I have ordered Paleo for athletes to gain a better understanding.

In the meantime can anyone point me towards a website which will work out mac ratios for different goals as everything thing I find at the moment gives me a snippet of info then says buy the book.