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CKD Diets

If anyone has done a CKD diet can you tell me which one and how your experience was on it (how much you lost etc). Thanks

I experimented with these a while back and my current diet is based on some of the same principles.

I did the “Anabolic Diet” and also “Bodyopus”. Bodyopus seemed to work pretty well when the carb-up was done correctly. I recall that on the Monday and Tuesday following the carb-up, my strength and pumps in the gym were insane. It seemed good for fat loss.

These days I’m doing something very similar to T-Dawg 2.0 which is low-carb except for post workout. On “off” days from the gym, my carb intake is very low (70g of carbs or less). Protein is quite high and there is a health dose of fats with my P+F meals (this comes from olive oil or flax oil in my case). For days that I’m working out, I have a dextrose/whey post-workout shake and another high-carb, moderate protein meal about an hour later.

While you might not enter ketosis on T-Dawg and similar diets, they seem to be based on the same principles of managing blood sugar levels to increase the anabolic effect of carb intake around exercise.

T-Dawg has been the best for me overall. Bodyopus was fun for a while but it was very strict. I find that carb deprevation for more than a couple of days to be a real test of your will.

There was a good version of the CKD in a book called “Sliced”. It was Negrita Jayde’s pre-contest diet (she was/is a Canadian bodybuilder who co-wrote the book). In her diet, she aimed to enter ketosis and at that moment, carbed up to minimize muscle loss. It was something like 4 days low-carb, low calorie (very low), 1-2 days of moderate calories high carbs.

If you have good willpower and don’t mind not getting carbs for a while and not feeling great, they work, however, you might find that diets similar to T-Dawg to be easier to manage.


I experimented with the CKD quite a bit and had some decent results with it. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the way the workout schedule came out. I enjoy lifting more then the 2 days heavy and then 1 day real light a few days later. So I have been using the T-dawg diet now and find it much easier to follow (you can still eat all the veggies you want) and it seems easier to keep my lifts up a little better then the CKD.

Thanks guys, I’m thinking of a CKD diet for a bit or maybe just start a new t-dawg 2.0 cycle. Any advice would be great on the matter.