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CKD diet

I had read in Atkins that the only carbs that mattered were “sugars” or insulin impacting carbs. My question is bearing in mind that CKD’s generally recommend a 20g limit(carbs/per day), could I then consume up to 10 slices of bread as long as the label states; Carbohydrate Per slice----20g of which sugars-----------2g 10 slices seems excessive!

oh dear

Yes, it is excessive. The rest of the non-sugar, non-fiber carbs in the bread will impact insulin. It’s not just the 2 grams of sugar that matter.

This is just Atkin’s simplification of how insulin effects the body. It’s a lot more complicated than this. Some carbs raise insulin higher and longer than others. Sugar raises insulin levels sky high. Read massive eating and Berardi’s article on how insulin works.


by the book, burn everything you own that says “atkins” on it.