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CJC/GHRP-6 Combo


... coming off Tren / TestE / Dbol Cycle....

I was thinking about starting a 3 months CJC / GHRP-6 cycle during my PCT of my most recent AAS cycle. I have done similar in the past with regular HGH to help maintian my cycle gain. The research appears positive for both substances.

Thoughts or expieriences welcome, never gone the peptide route before.

Thanks for your help.


if you weigh 225 lbs or less, 100 mcg ghrp6 paired with 100 mcg cjc-1295 without DAC 2-3x/day. Let the awesomeness ensue.


Way, last I heard, recommended protocol was 100mcg G-6 with 50mcg no DAC cjc-1295. Is the latest protocol using 100mcg of each? (assuming a bw of 100kg)


I was using 600mcg GHRP-6 a day at 100kg no problems.

I also accidently mixed up my HCG and GHRP-6 once and shot up about 600mcg at once by accident in the morning. I ate a big breakfast that day!


50-100 is fine, you'll just be on the very bottom end of the spectrum.


Wow, OK, let's say I weight 275lbs???? about 13% bf...


Just stick to the 1 mcg per kg of BW for the GHRP6 and 100 cjc regardless


Thanks brotha!



1mcgm ghrp6 perkg, 3x a day? And 100mcgm cjc without Dac per day? Should i split up the cjc?, going to be injecting into my abdomen fat, will that be ok and effective?