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CJC 1295 + Ipamorelin Combo - Water Retention


I started taking this combo 2 weeks ago, dosing at 10mL first thing upon waking, then 10mL before bed. After 4 days I gained 4kg due to the water retention and felt like I was going to explode. I halved the dose to 5mL in the morning and again before bed but that didn't help. I stopped taking it and the water retention cleared up after about 4 or 5 days. Whilst on it, I was having the best sleeps, felt better while training and recovered well. The only major side effect was the water retention. I was following a strict diet on a calorie deficit and very low carbs.

I'm thinking about lowering the dose to 3mL morning and night, but wonder if that dose is too low to do anything? And I'm also scared of the water retention returning as it was so horrible. Does anyone have any advise around this product and water retention issues?


the water retention is partially due to the increase in antidiuretic hormone, that hGH decreases. also, if all you want is the sleep effect, you could run ipa before bed by itself at 100 mcg...

as far as your dose, what do you mean by 10 mL? peptides are dosed in mcg, not mL....


Sorry I mean mcg/units.. rookie here haha. I bought the CJC and Ipa already mixed, so it's a 50/50 (I think). I got it to assist with fat loss while on a calorie deficit whilst maintaining muscle, and basically because I'm curious about all this stuff so why not give it a go.

Had 3mcg this morning and will have another 3 tonight. I am hoping like hell the water retention stays away!


i think your dose is still off... i presume you mean 30 mcg, not 3 mcg.

anyway, since you've got it pre-mixed, you can really split it up, but normally it would be easier to just take the ipa by itself...


We refer to the measurements here in Australia to units, so what I have been taking is 0.3mL or 3 units on the insulin syringe.. hope that makes sense? The recommended dose was 1.0mL or 10 units on the insulin syringe, taken morning and night (and pre/post workout if desired), but as that gave me so much water retention, I am currently trialling a much smaller dose to see if I suffer any side effects. Two days in and there is no noticeable water retention as yet.


yeah, we refer to dosage by the amount you use, not the volume you inject...

the bottle of the product should specify the mcg/mL...