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CJC 1295 DAC vs. no DAC


I just bought a small quantity of CJC 1295 DAC (2x 2mg vials) It's a trial run, and I only wanted to use 1 peptide for now, even though I know you're supposed to stack them for optimal effect. I was going to use .5 mgs twice a week for 4 weeks. I also bought huperzine-a and arginine pyroglutamate to take each night before bed while on this, and I will be doing a Halodrol/superdrol stack during these 4 weeks as well.
The problem is, I'm reading bad posts about the DAC version. People are saying it causes an 'unnatural' steady output of growth hormone instead of the natural, pulsatile output.
So what's the verdict? is this DAC version a worthless compound? Is it suppressive? Did I make a mistake? It only cost me 42 bucks, but I don't want to shut down my natural GH production.
The only effect I'm looking for is better recovery of connective tissues, some leaning
and sense of well being. I don't expect, or desire massive gains in size or to get shredded beyond belief.


Yeah, I was looking at the peptides as well. It's hard to make heads or tails of ghrp-2 ghrp-6, cjc1295 DAC, no-DAC etc semorelin, tesorelin etc. I'll do more research before I decide what to get myself. But keep me posted.


Will do.


From what i have read no dac is what you wanted. With dac will do what you said, cause a GH bleed which is what you do not want. You want pulses. Hopefully someone who knows more than me will chime in. Datbtrue has written a ton on it and seems to be the go person on the net for info on peps. ALso using CJC by itself is hard to do, and have it work as you need to time it with a natural GH pulse otherwise it wont work. Its a GHRH, not a ghrp. If you are going to use 1 peptide i would make it a ghrp. But you will see much better resutls with a ghrp and GHRH combo dosed 2-3 times a day.


Thanks for the reply. At least I didn't invest that much money in this CJC1295 DAC. Just 42 bucks for 4 mg. I'm not sure if I should toss the shit out, or go ahead and use it. There's still mixed reviews on the GH bleed situation and how bad it is. I've read that even when bleeding occurs, There are still pulses, but your baseline Gh reading between the pulses is higher than normal. I wonder if anyone can chime on personal experience on this 'bleed' situation.


ModGRF(1-29) is what you want.CJC-1295 and CJC-1293 ARE NOT ModGRF(1-29). Some companies will claim that CJC-1295 W/O DAC is the same as ModGRF(1-29) and it is technically but its the wrong name. To give an example its like me calling boldenone by the name unmethylated-methandrostenolone (unmethylated dianabol), the point I am trying to get across is that the name CJC-1295 w/o DAC is not a real name. Think of calling H20 DiHydrogen Oxide, its known as water not dihydrogen oxide.

CJC-1295 and CJC-1293 are not Mod-GRF(1-29) though. CJC-1295 has way too long a half-life/effective life and is not what we want. CJC-1293 is also undesirable but for other reasons.

You must use a GHRP in conjunction with GHRH to guarantee the release of GH. It's synergy effect is much greater together than alone. Try using 100mcg Ipamoreline & Mod Grf 29 - 3 times a day...pre-bed...post workout...mid of the night, or, first thing in the morning.


I've already ordered the cjc1295 w/DAC. I guess I will try it at 1mg /week for 4 weeks. Hopefully I won't end up lactating, or looking like Andre the Giant with a protruding brow. I have read posts by people have used the one with DAC, and got good results. If I do a short cycle at a sane dose, hopefully I won't fuck myself up, and get a little bit better recovery and joint regeneration. Next time I order it will definitely be what you guys have been recommending instead.


what kind of results could I expect by just running cjc 1295 no (dac) alone, 1 mg a week at 2 shots a day?


Inconsistent results. A GHRH by itself will only cause the somatotrophs to release GH if the other half of the "signal" - usually provided by a GHRP - is there. The half-life of cjc 1295 without DAC is about 30 minutes, so sometimes you will trigger a small release of GH, sometimes none, and sometimes a large release.

For whatever reason, a GHRP is preferred if you can only use one peptide.


as you can see i am new to this hole peptide thing and learning, so i appreciate the info, ill probably continue to use the cjc and just see how it go's


You almost certainly won't notice anything. Generally the only immediately noticeable effects of peptides - like hunger and gastric motility - are the result of the 'sloppiness' of the various GHRPs, and sometimes things like improved sleep from the extra GH.


i have been experiencing both of those, but in that case i guess i can just hold on to it and continue with my regular retinue until i can get something to go along with it.


That would be my suggestion, for what it's worth. Considering that the GHRH is almost 2x as expensive as GHRP-2 or GHRP-6, you might as well spring for a GHRP and run both for the synergistic effects.

You've had sides with just the CJC-1295? I wouldn't expect that. Can you describe them?


increase in hunger, and somewhat better sleep is all,nothing major. from what i have read GHRP-6 is popular to run with the cjc 1295. Have you ever ran those together? if so what where your gains like?


It sounds like it might be doing something for you, then.

My first run with peptides will be in 3 days, at the start of my PCT. I'm like a kid in a candy shop - It's all I can do not to start now, but I don't want to introduce anything new with a meet on saturday. I have 2mg of ipamorelin, 5mg G6, and 5mg G2, and 6mg mod grf 1-29 sitting in my freezer. I'm gonna use 100mcg ipa + 50mcg mod grf before bed, and 100mcg G2 or G6 + 50mcg mod grf after training. I will probably split the latter up into 2 shots on non-training days. If you're curious, keep an eye on my "unorthodox pct" thread, I will be using that as a log.


ill keep up with it and see how it treats ya, your a lot further in depth for your first peptide run than i am to say the least.


From the research I have done ghrp-2 is the way to go when deciding between ghrp-6/2 but there more or less the same thing you just don't get the increase in hunger from ghrp-2. Also if you run ghrp-2 or ghrp-6 with cjc 1295 no dac (lets not argue over names here we all know what I am talking about) then you will get far superior results compared to just running one of them separately and you can get about a month supply of each for 120. I personally am running ghrp-2 and cjc 1295 no dac at 100 mcg per dose for a total of 3 doses per day. I pin in the morning, post workout and right before bed. Also make sure that you don't eat for 20 to 40 minutes after pinning and that when you do eat make sure that it is lean protein and carbs that won't spike your insulin. Remember insulin and hgh don't mix and if your bodies insulin levels are elevated its going to make it a lot tougher for the peptides to do their job.


cjc w dac causes gh bleed which is not favorable…

Stack cjc-1295 w/o the DAC with GHRP6(100mcg 5x per day) and see what happens…Love that ‘semi-natural’ stack


DISCLAIMER!!! Pulled this from another board from another site. But from what I have read…your body will will fight back against the GH even if you are using CJC-1295 by releasing Somatistatin, which stops GH release and deactivates the GH for a time being. Instead of a normal GH release every 3-5 hours, it could be 1 an hour, every 45 minutes, or any other random order. Since the half life of cjc-1295 is 8-10 days, your body always has the signal to release GH and will do so once the pituitary is recharged. End of what I know, on to what this other guy knows. Lots more from the post if anyone else wants more.

IGF/LR3IGF-1 is NOTHING like what you are saying. NOTHING.

Ive been using Lr3IGF-1 since I was 18 years old. When I first used it I was using the australian company who created it, GroPep’s stuff before they caught on that 99% of their sales were to bodybuilders.

Ive also used GenSci’s Igtropin (overpriced bullshit), generic chinese LR3IGF-1 (blue top), and LR3IGF-1 from a half dozen various suppliers.

Its alright. But not in anyway shape or form anything like what your saying.

First, LR3IGF-1 nor IGF-1 gives DICKALL for gains. Seriously. Anyone is DAMN LUCKY if they gain just 5lbs in a 4 week cycle of LR3IGF-1. I can gain 30lbs in 4 weeks with Dianabol at 1/5th the cost of LR3IGF-1.

Lr3IGF-1 gives OKAY pumps. NOTHING like what your saying, nothing. Try OXANDROLONE if you want to feel a REAL PUMP, will make Lr3IGF-1 pumps look like a day at the beach… reminiscing time - wavey flashback distortions Years ago a new canadian UG lab released an Oxandrolone product that was supposed to be 25mg/capsule of Oxandrolone. However to stir up good feedback with their first batch, they doubled up the dosage, to 50mg per capsule yet said it was just 25mg. So everyone, including me, was taking 2 capsules thinking we was using 50mg, but in reality using 100mg (a whopping dose of Oxandrolone). Just standing there, not lifting any weights or anything, gave such an INTENSE pump in the lower back it was painful as fucking hell, this is without any exercise, just simply standing there. If I lifted a cup of coffee my arms would get pumped, if I lifted a weight, theyd get so pumped I was literally afraid the muscle was going to rip off its ligaments from the pump alone.

Even off 50mg of Oxandrolone, I get pretty bad lower back pain from the lower back PUMP, this is without exercise. Alls I do is take 50mg of Oxandrolone, and walk up 15 steps, and by the top my lower back is pumped up so tightly it actually hurts.

Lr3IGF-1 has never come 1/10th as close. I get better pumps from many other AAS, LR3IGF-1 pumps are 6/10 on my pump scale. Oxandrolone is 10/10.

Lr3IGF-1 and HGH do dickall for mass gains, dick-fucking-all. What they do do and why people DO use them is because they allow body composition changes. Meaning you can gain 2lbs in a 4 week Lr3IGF-1 cycle, yet at the same time, you lost 3lbs of fat as well. Not many steroids can make you LOSE fat and gain muscle simultaneously. THATS why we use LR3IGF-1 and HGH, because they allow that. But neither the fat loss nor the muscle gain will be as dramatic as what you can achieve with either steroids or special lipolytic agents. Instead you get a balance between the two happening simultaneously, which is beneficial. This is why people ADD steroids and/or lipolytic agents ontop of the Lr3IGF-1 or HGH, to further expand its effects in either or both directions.

Now that-that totally exaggerated bullshit has been cleared out. Onto the topic at hand.

HGH fragment = complete scam, useless shit, utterly, useless, dont ever waste a penny, horrible failure to deliver ANYTHING

PEG-MGF = totally nutsuckingly shitty, another utter failure to deliver anything, local, systemic, either way, it blows chunks, simply not worth the money, too little result for too much cash, save ur cash, pegylation sucks compared to bioconjugation, and MGF sucks period

CJC-1295 = GOD!! fucking GOD! Ive been using this almost non-stop since the day I first tried it. This shit is GOD. The single most beautifully developed peptide ever to come across the BBing scene. In-fucking-credible. This is seriously a FLAWLESSLY designed pharmacologic agent. The things ConjuChem did for developing this peptide is phenomenal. Ive never been more proud to be Canadian (ConjuChem is Montreal based company!). Even more incredible, this product provides the perfect foundation for enhancing it to a level greater than anything thats ever existed for the bodybuilding scene before. Something I discovered that ive been experimenting with for the past little while that no one else seems to have realized, and I need to break the silence on it and open up the can of worms.

Im telling you, CJC-1295 is PEPTIDE PERFECTION. There will never, ever, be any greater peptide than this peptide to ever hit the BBing scene, ever, thats a guarantee. It cannot get any better than this, it really cannot its the pinnacle. Lr3IGF-1 is OBSOLETE, HGH is OBSOLETE, SERMORELIN? HEXARELIN? GHRELIN? GHRP-2? GHRP-6? ALL OBSOLETE, LAUGHABLE by comparison. Its PERFECT dude.

First these dudes (ConjuChem) realized that natural pulsatile release patterns are more effective and less likely to promote acromegalic deformations verse exogenously supplier recombinant HGH. So they chose GHRH to base their masterpiece off of, and thats exactly what it is a fawkin masterpiece.

Next, these sons of bitches analyzed all the proteases in the body that cleave various amino acids from the GHRH peptide and therefore degrade and deactivate it after approximately 7 minutes. They then chose to remove all the exact specific amino acids that undergo proteolytic cleavage in the GHRH peptide string and replace them with amino acids that cannot be cleaved by the bodies proteases. GENIUS. It makes it virtually immortal. They then modify it to undergo bioconjugation and bind to albumin, one of the most abundant compounds in the body, to further enhance its duration and prevent its clearance from the body. Creating a monstrously mutant masterpiece.

GHRH lasts around 7 minutes because of proteolytic cleavage. CJC-1295, a GHRH-derivative, lasts between 8-10 days from a SINGLE injection. Because its a GHS (Growth Hormone Secretagogue), it maintains the natural pulsatile release patterns rather than injecting exogenous recombinant growth hormone. By maintaing the patterns it allows the bodies other systems to work in harmony with it, such as GHBP’s (Growth Hormone Binding Proteins), GHBP’s control/prevent side effects such as acromegaly by dictating the actions of GH, like IGFBP’s dictate the actions of IGF-1. When you inject exogenous HGH, the body isnt “prepared” for its existence, therefore it does not provide sufficien GHBP’s to control its actions, etc, and therefore you get random abnormal growth of organs and such because theres insufficient GHBP’s to deliver the HGH to where its NEEDED, and instead it just binds to whatever receptors it comes across at random. This leads to acromegalic side effects more readily.

CJC-1295 has many more things going for it as well aside from flawless pharmacokinetics. Its LEGAL. When you buy it you KNOW what your getting, not like HGH which is sometimes HCG counterfeits. Your not going to get scammed trying to buy it like what happens countless times buying HGH. Its much cheaper to use than HGH. From the resellers you pay about $100/2mg, from the China supplier (who supplies the resellers too), its just $40/2mg when buying 10mg. Even cheaper if you buy more than 10mg.

So how does CJC-1295 and GHRH work?

They are GHS, Growth Hormone Secretagogues. They work by binding to the GHSR (Growth Hormone Secretagogue Receptor), where they signal the pituitary to release HGH. Once a ‘surge’ of HGH is released, the negative feedback mechanism kicks in and causes a rise in Somatostatin. Somatostatin is an inhibitor of HGH release. Once somatostatin levels decline, more HGH can be released, but wont be released immediately in the natural endocrine system. However because CJC-1295 lasts 8-10 days straight and thus signals the GHSR 24 hours a day for 8-10 days straight, the moment somatostatin levels decline after a surge, the CJC-1295 will immediately signal another surge. This occurs throughout the entire day and while you sleep.

HGH lasts only like 15-20 or so minutes in the body before its deactivated by proteases and whatnot. Because of CJC-1295’s constant GHSR agonist activity, you therefore get MANY surges of HGH per day. Rather than just a couple under normal endocrine activity with GHRH. And rather than just 1 additional surge you get when injecting exogenous recombinant HGH.

This is why HGH takes sooo long to show results. Because everyday you inject it, your only getting 15-20 minutes of supraphysiological HGH exposure. Therefore if HGH lasted lets say 10 minutes, after 7 days of injecting, thats only 70 minutes of total exposure to supraphysiological HGH youve had. The body cant do much growing in just 70 minutes. Hence why it takes months of HGH use to accumulate significant enough time under supraphysiological levels to elicit a noticeable effect. CJC-1295 on the otherhand gives MANY surges per day, therefore its like injecting HGH 10 or 20 times or even more in a single day. The results come FAR faster and are greater.

CJC-1295 gives me the most INSANELY vivid and long lasting dreams. It also gives me numb extremeties and all the other effects of supraphysiological HGH levels. GREAT STUFF.

I will expand into my “UBER-PITUITARY” optimizing method tommorow when I explain why CJC-1295 is the PERFECT foundation for doing something simply INCREDIBLE.

In short: CJC-1295 is the greatest peptide ever made available. It makes ALL other peptides useless. L3IGF-1 is useless. HGH is useless. Its all useless now. CJC-1295 has taken over. Its the only thing worth buying.


Hey littlebigguy, I really respect the fact that you really know your shit about cjc 1295. I was considering using cjc 1295 with DAC. What are your views on this product and would you use it in a pct? Pls advise.