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CJ Form Check/Tips


I realize side view isn't ideal...I was hoping to try to dartfish this but then I realized that program is way smarter than me.
Main thing I noticed is I'm dipping onto my toes big time, any pointers on how to correct this?
Thanks for any input


Side view is perfect! Allows us to see both path of the bar and positions. :slight_smile:

Looks pretty good, from my point of view. I normally look for three components in lifting. Technique, timing and tempo.

Tempo is good.

In the clean, the technique looks clean. Pretty good positions. Would prefer a liitle more weight on the heels after you pass the knees. (A good queue is to feel the weight "in the middle of the foot".)

The timing at the turning point seems way off. The bar has good height and speed. Here you could have just stepped to the side with one foot and caught it (and made a sandwich on the way :-), but you add a jump, and maybe some arm pull and it goes way high. If you look at the video, the bar reaches the hight of that orange ball, then it drops down to the height of the green ball and comes down to "crush" you.

I usually establish a timing "measure", like "when the bar is at its peak, I will be sitting down just under it". This is my established timing for the clean. The better timing you have, the less the bar will drop before you catch it. (In practice, you can never have 0 drop, but pretty close.)

When standing up, make sure to lead with your elbows.

In the jerk, think of jerking "up and back". Never forward. Otherwise, I'd just recommend more patience. It is easy to lose the lift, 'cause you want to stand up as soon as possible. Just wait there. Get comfortable.

When learning the clean and jerk, "counting" can be a good tool to find a good tempo.

Count (or have a friend count) like this:

  1. Bar passes knees

  2. You stand up from the clean

  3. You jerk

  4. You move your front foot back

  5. You move your back foot forward

The time between all these steps should be about the same.

Good luck!


Thanks Drenmi!

I will work on the timing...I'm pretty new to this whole thing, only been really olympic lifting for maybe 6 months. This is also my current PR so that probably isn't helping anything. As I go frame-by-frame you're right, I definitely let this drive me down into the hole for no real reason. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.

As for the jerk...what can I do to ensure its not going forwards? This is still forwards some and is probably my best heavy jerk ever...I essentially incline press them. Its disgusting and more frustrating than I have words for


Looking good for 6 months. Keep it up! :slight_smile:

This is a hard one. I see it in lots of lifters, and especially those with a buttload of upper body strength.

Sometimes, they tend to kind of "fall forward" while pressing the bar up.

Try doing push presses, and focus on finishing with the bar above your head, as opposed to slightly in front of it. (You should definitely feel the difference.) You will need to rotate your elbows outward as you come up. Try to use as little arm drive as possible.

In the lift in the video, the jerk isn't all that bad. Looks like you get a little bit of "ricochet", so work on getting that timing crisp.