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CJ Critique


Video of some lifts today. Im having trouble with the jerk, ie bar trajectory and lockout. any advice would be great. also, i dont know how to squat clean but my power clean looks fairly ok. the lifts are 80kg and 85kg. My pr cj is 86kg


your pwer cln looks ok but it would look a lot better if you learned how to squat under it. on the jerk you need to take ur time in the transition between the cln and the jerk don't just rush right into the jerk. get set up tight and put the bar back further on ur shoulders, right now the bar is in a terrible start position probably from rushing into it....and don't forget to push off from the heels.

also bring ur feet in closer, that should help to prevent the right knee from caving in


Umm would i be right in saying you pressed that jerk out? i'd say lighten up the weights


Yes thats a press out.

OP receive/ catch the weight with slightly bent knees, you should be leaning slightly slightly forwards, not catching it bolt upright.

Like this:

Koing tips:-
Set yourself for the Jerk
take a big breath,
squeeze hard to brace your trunk,
weight on your heels and drive off your heels.


You will never squat under it unless you learn to full Clean.



thanks for the advice so far. did you all learn to squat clean by just experimenting and doing it? i dont have a coach so i'm kind of left to the books and advice that exists.


Been teaching myself but then it could be awful so i dunno.


I had a coach from the start so I didn't have to learn by myself.

I would suggest you do some more bar work and check out the many how to Clean/ Snatch guides. I would avoid PC for a while if your serious about learning to full Clean.

You will be too conditioned to PC and you won't pull under the bar in to a full squat simpley because you don't have the coordination to do so yet.



You're also using a serious amount of arm pulling. The arms shouldn't be bend until the rest of your body is done accelerating the bar. You're losing power and risking some serious forearm/bicep pain.


Although generally I agree with you and would never personally teach anyone otherwise, there are some very strong lifters out there who utilize some arm bend in the cleans as I believe it can help some individuals with bar positioning into the second pull (for example, I beleive Donny Shankle does it). That being said, those lifters were squat cleaning as well. Just something I thought I'd mention; food for thought.

Other than that, uhhh . . . what Koing said.


It's just bad technique imo. It won't really help, it is what it is for an experienced lifter, no point making in roads on correcting it imo. Note I never said bad technique doesn't win championships or medals. It does on the odd occasion but generally the winner is the strongest mofo!

OP load up 150kg and see if your arms bend now :stuck_out_tongue:



I can't remember where i heard it but they said that power clean and squat clean should be taken from weightlifting jargen and replaced with high catch (power clean) and low catch (squat clean). Op maybe if you imagined it that way it might help. with a power clean you still gotta dip down under it.


There's no point in doing that. I used to have a tendency to power stuff. And I learnt to full clean/snatch the hard way. Throw out the power stuff unless you have an injury that doesn't let you do the full lifts. Once you learn to do the full movements correctly and quickly, you should be able to catch the bar high naturally when the weight is light enough. If you plan to do the full lifts when doing that you will catch it then ride it down and then back up. If you plan to do power you will catch it and stay there. Until you can do that comfortably I don't think you should try to power stuff.


hey all,

thanks for the advice so far. i'll have some videos up soon, hopefully they'll show improvement. besides the power clean not being the best, the jerk is often where i'm failing. for example, its feasible that i could power clean 90kg but there's no way i could jerk it. i'm having trouble locking out my right arm and driving straight up. that's probably just an issue with practice, but if i'm doing something wrong i should work on it..

here's a video that hopefully shows a slight improvement:

80kg - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dZifW4hDKYg


stay on the heels at the dip and drive of the jerk. Your center of balance on the jerk is like... well just really bad. Stay on the heels. I've found that personally right below the ankle is the best point to keep the center of gravity on.

As for your arms.. think of PUNCHING up and a bit backwards with your hands. That works for me. Kind of makes you scared you might hit your face so be a bit careful at first. Right now you are pushing with your hands as if its a press. the jerk is not a press its a JERK. explosive. So, think punch!

If you get those two correctly you should be doing 95 IMO


is this an older video? cause if it isnt your still not diping down under it.


If there were 1 or 2 major mistakes, I'd suggest that you keep trying on your own, but there are 9: Early arm bend; premature straightening of the legs; swinging away of the bar's center of gravity; no jump-under; high catch; slow elbow turnover; insufficient speed of reversal on the jerk; improper bar path on the jerk; and shallow split on the receipt.

Halil Mutlu, when he was among the best snatchers in the world, still drilled technique by snatching 80% from the blocks for about 20 singles every now and then. Please don't keep doing the full C&J. You're just creating motor patterns that will take years to undo. Work from the blocks and post video. Better yet, get a coach.


again, thanks for the advice. the above video is older (two months ago). i guess i didnt realize there was so much wrong with what i was doing.. i dont have access to blocks or a coach.

should i just.. go back to the bar and do technique work? i feel like i may just end up where i am now though


btw, everything i 'know' (now i'm questioning it all) about oly lifting has come from reading about it (medvedyev, roman, MILO, webster, etc). the movement itself feels really natural and i'm trying to do what the authors say. on monday i'll post some vids from trying out the suggestions posted



If youre in DC, come to Supreme Sports in Rockville MD, even if its on a Saturday when traffic is lighter. Your problems are fixable but youre going to go in circles unless you get hands on work.


A properly-executed lift will feel literally effortless. You'll know the difference one day and be amazed.

Technique mistakes are magnified if you work from the ground. If you work from the blocks for the clean, you are at least forced to drop under rapidly, which will start to ingrain the right motor patterns. Other than that, yes, getting some personalized attention will be necessary.