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Civil War In United States in 2010?


Ok, I think this Russian expert's predictions about the United States are far-out, nonetheless this is a fun read and interesting to speculate about. California goes to China, Texas to Mexico :slightly_smiling: :


It's "thinkers" like him that are part of the reason Russians are dropping like flies and not being replaced by baby Russians. Panarin's theory is a massive case of projection.


West Virginia, Tennessee, and the Carolinas as part of the EU? LMAO!!


Good grief, as if I didn't have enough problems. Now I'm told that I'm going to be Canadian....


Count your blessings, because I am going to be Chinese, a scourge I would not wish upon my worst enemy.


Why not? Think of the efficiency of being run by China - their country is run by engineers and scientists instead of lawyers!


I think Texas will stand alone. Maine, NH and Vermont will not become part of the EU. They can stand alone as well.

Honestly, Panarnin is a former KGB (where are they now?) analyst that has been predicting the demise of the US for years.



When the author announced that the Western states were going to be held together by their high Asian population, the Midwest by the high Native American population, certain Northern states by being so strongly influenced by Canada (!!!), and "the South" from high Hispanic population, it was obvious to me that this fellow was utterly clueless.

(If he'd said "South West" he would have had a point on one of them, but still would have scored only 1 for 4. I suspect though, from the general level of knowledge, that he didn't know the difference between "the South" and "the South West.")


If we want to conquer the world, just cancel all our foreign debts and obligations. Declare all foreign owned property in the USA confiscated. All dollars held outside the USA are now worthless.

The world would collapse into utter ruin...easy pickins'.

The rest of the world hates our Republic. Wonder how they're going to like the brutal replacement that has most of the world's weaponry?


I donยดt know, but you will tell us, since the impoverished and starving American population would welcome them with open arms.


Are you saying there are mad and insane people who don't post on this forum ? ? ?
I find that very hard to believe.


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The dream of centuries...

America has always been a threat to the rest of the world. In 1789, there were two functioning democracies in the world. People around the globe saw this and kept pushing their rulers toward adopting American style democracy.

The rulers fought back. They created things like Rhodes Scholarships and the UN, all to inculcate Americans with the worship of NEED. The country of rational egoism (America) was taught to worship the weak and the stupid, taught to be altruists. We bankrupted ourselves with insanities like the Great Society Program, all because of our worship of NEED.

The rotted cultures of Europe have done it...we're broke. Our Republic is in shambles now with massive debts and a bloated bureaucracy. So the Republic ends. The country that protected and policed the globe and gave away trillions is done. We'll get a military dictatorship that'll make Nazi Germany look like Mother Theresa.

The world gets to reap what they have sown.


Note: I see my comments above are referring to things now edited out of the current version of the article.

But a few weeks ago, basically the same thing was published, but including the above idiotic analyses.

I guess someone else pointed out the stupidity of those statements, thus forcing the revision. However, his original thoughts, if they can be called that, were based on the above-reported "thinking."


I didn't know the US bankrupted itselves with the Great Society Program? I thought it was the war in Iraq and tax cuts.

I also remember hearing the housing bubble mentioned.


What he said.


Something tells me Belgium (the EU's poster child for dhimmitude and thuggery) will break up long before the US.


We spent a lot liberating Belgium too. My old man was in a town called Foy near Bastogne and in Liege. Said the whores were everywhere. We might be related.

We spent 2 trillion on the Great Society program. Results: nada.

Our deficits were soaring long before we even contemplating policing the ME. Such is the price of being nice...


I'm a bit more optimistic than o'l Igor, but I think he's not too far off.

Here's the geopolitical map I'd be interested in seeing. Obviously, I'd want to be somewhere in the red part.


The biggest objection to me, as personal opinion, is that any subdividing of the United States would inherently damage, at the very least, the greatest armed services the world has ever known.