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Citrus growers VS Atkins

I heard on the radio that the citrus growers revenues have been hurt by the Atkins craze.

While we all know that lower carbs can help the body lose fat, some people still eat like shit and expect to lose weight.

Here’s the commercial that will be aired.

It shows a heavy man frying up some bacon and sausage in the morning. Once all the food is cooked he then drains the fat into a glass and it looks like he is going to drink it. Then the announcer comes on and shows a fresh glass of orange juice being poured. Then they give all the health benefits of heart friendly food that oranges are.

While the commercial will probably gross some people out, it tells a said story about Americans.

We’ve lost track of eating healthy.

I’m looking forward to seeing this.


Poor SOBs.

Just because futures for oranges were recently at a 27 year low is no reason to fight back, huh?

What are they thinking?

I hear Krispy Kremes having similar problems. Cant wait to see how they will fight back on this one.

(Goes back lurking, laughing all the way.)

I wonder why it’s so hard for people to grasp? Eat meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Leave man made garbage alone. End of story.

I often wonder the EXACT same thing, ZEB. It isnt a tough concept, why dont they get it?

They actually were airing that commercial for a while a couple of months ago.

The whole thing is irritating, in my opinion. No-one following atkins per the actual guidelines is eating a meal that consists of large quantities of bacon and sausage.


you make a good point. the problem is there are idiots out there that hear “no Carbs” and pump themselves full of all kinds of garbage. there was a post a while back from dave876. He was talking about his boss eating tons of low carb ice cream because he was on “the diet”. funny how some people will twist or misinterperate information for their own ease or convenience. I believe that to be the message the orange growers are trying to convey.

The average orange produces about 2 oz. of juice. If you ate one of the 3-4 oranges the recommended serving size represents you’d be far better off but most of the eating oranges come from California so that’s not what the Florida juice growers want you to hear.


I know! It drives me crazy. I listen to people who are supposedly on low carb diets and I can’t even believe what I hear. I just had lunch with someone who told me that he is on the south beach diet so he couldn’t eat the bread that came at the beginning of the meal but then he proceded to order and eat a HUGE plate of lasagna.

I think if Dr. Atkins were still alive and had all his capacities, this nonsense about his diet would not be happening. His diet has helped so many people and is so much healthier than anything else out there at the moment, that it’s a sin in my opinion the way it’s been trashed like this.

So, you can supposedly be on the atkins diet today, and have your low carb pancakes for breakfast, with low carb syrup, fake sugar sweetened coffee. have some low carb candy bar snacks and a low carb pasta and sauce lunch. oh don’t forget some low carb ice cream and don’t forget those few slices of low carb bread with dinner. it’s NUTS!

I heard that the real problem Florida is having with their orange juice sales is not that we’re not drinking as much juice, but the fact that it’s beginning to be cheaper to import it from latin america etc. due to tarrifs being repealed… not sure if that’s true or not.

i don’t drink OJ anymore myself. i heard that the sugar in a glass of oj is enough to suppress the immune system for serveral hours after drinking it. hmmm…

It really is amazing to notice how ignorant the public are when it comes to food in general.

So many people out there have heard the terms “calorie” and “fat” and “carbohydrates” and, to a lesser extent, “protein” but few actually grasp what those words mean.

We even see it here on occasion.

“What are some good sources of protein?”

“What are some good sources of carbs?”

“Is this fattening?”

God forbid people read food labels.

Although this low-carb craze has brought attention to the misgivings of white bread, that seems to be about the extent of which the education about carbs created.

Sabrina mentioned the guy and the lasagna. Sure, he thought he was doing good avoiding bread, but it is amazing to me that pasta, to him, was an acceptable food.

The average person in their day to day life devotes little if ANY attention to what they are eating other than “what are we eating?” Actual composition of foods is not even a thought in their mind.

I still think people should just ditch the juice and eat a fucking orange.

Well, you know, it is only about five years ago that I started to find sources of information talking about what to eat, how to eat and why.

I mean, think back. How much useful nutritional information was made available to you if you didn’t have some type of intelligent coach filling you in?

Probably 75% of the sheep, I mean people, out there have never heard of anything other than the dumb-ass government (so it must be right) food pyramids.

I found t-mag a year or two ago because I was doing a search on low carb information since I’d bought one of the early books (before the zone and before Atkins was a brand name) talking about carbs and insulin. I lost the book and was searching the net – found nirvana and haven’t looked back.

Now I don’t sit and spin or use the machines or stuff my face with crap because I don’t know any better.

Hmm, I don’t know what I’m ranting about either. I guess it is just very hard to find all the good sources of information because there are too many damned things to know in this life. Too many rules and regulations to follow. Too many bad or official but stupid sources of information. Too many messages shaped by the profit motive instead of concern for the reader. Too damned much of everything.

Oh well, thanks to t-mag I’m on the right path. I’m looking healthy, I’m feeling healthy… dammit, I am healthy. Give me another year or two of lifting and I’ll even be carrying around some decent muscle.

I have to work on my patience…

Absolutely agree, vroom.

The information which is “thrown” at people who are not actively seeking BETTER info is just horrible!

This commercial for example. I know orange JUICE is the biggest outlet for orange consumption, but goddamnit, when you take out the fiber, vitamins minerals and other phytonutrients of fruit and keep the sugar-juice and sell it, you defeat the purpose of fruit, in my opinion!

Its a shame that the government, media, and other forms of mass communication have dietary guidelines so horribly assbackwards.

But, like you, vroom, people need to make the decision for themselves, and seek out on their own to better their health, and realize its extremely important, and not some “fitness fad”. Spoon feeding a bunch of sheep is definately not productive.

I`m more afraid of L.O.K.I.A.s (Loudmouth-Overweight-Know-It-All) than any type of diet.

These types make, and keep, people stupid. Oh well, I guess like attracts like…

i am waiting for tobacco companies to make their own campaign for their loss in revenue and sales…wait a minute, they don’t have any losses to report. yep, society is owned.