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Citrulline Malate Dose, Cycling?

I was thinking of experimenting with Citrulline Malate and was wondering if it needs to be taken every day or just on workout days? Also, what have you found to be an optimal or effective dose?



Every day is best, but you should still experience a benefit if it’s just used per-workout.

Perrsonally I took 10 grams pre- and during workouts combined with 10g glutamine and 35g of powdered bcaa with great results.

I then switched to the old peri-workout protocol (Finibars, SR, SWF) and now just ordered the Anaconda protocol, which also contains CM…

as the Anaconda protocol would entail robbing a bank here in the uk, i use this stacked with CH and beta alanine and leucine during workout. about 10grams. definately a great aid for recovery imo.