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Citruline Malate Effects


I'd like to order some Xtend, because I found a great deal for them. I like to take the BCAAs in bulk, but I'm concerned as to what effect the Citruline Malate might have on my body. Does anyone know exactly what it does and if it's harmful if taken in high doses?


I'm bumping this. Hope someone might have some answers


ive been recommnded taking up to 10g a day. i take 1.5g 2x a day & ive been told id have no problems doubling the dose. i only weigh 155lbs if that helps.


6-8 grams a day divided in two is the normal dosing. there are many improvements with such doses and no side effects. what do you mean by high dose?


Well, I didn't know what was a high dose, and what wasn't. I want to take some Xtend before bed if I dont have CC or casein, so I didn't know if the Citruline would cause me to feel "pumped" or something