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Citruline Malate Benefit?

I heard citruline malate improves blood flow. Does that mean it improves recovery? Is it worth taking?

I like it. Tastes DELICIOUS. I love the tartness. Makes Gatorade even more palatable. Not great in protein shakes.

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Have you noticed any actual benefit though? It’s pretty expensive if I’m just doing it for taste

I got a little kick from it in the beginning but as usual I built up a tolerance and didn’t feel much of anything so I dropped it. Too expensive to feel nothing.

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I bought it in bulk… Not very expensive.

I have not done a controlled-experiment that I can point to… (Yet!) Anecdotally: yes, I get better pumps similar to Creatine. Placebo is a possibility. When I began my workout regimen I was using every supplement I could get my hands on… I slowly eliminated them (over the course of a year) until I wasn’t taking anything but whole foods. About 3 weeks ago I decided to bring back my supplement-game, and started using CM, Creatine, and beta-alanine again. I was blown away at how much better I perform with the pre-wo regimen vs no supps.

In my opinion, it is a good investment, if you buy it in bulk. 1 kilo was under $30. I take 12g 20 mins before workout… I am using Surge Workout Fuel peri-WO… So another 6g CM in the Surge.

Yes it does. My MRV tripled and I added 500lbs to my total in a month. Also huge raging boners

Srsly tho. There is some benefit to supplementing with citruline malate but we have to consider how big the effect really is when compared to other ways to improve fatigue management / recovery like sleeping more.

Is it worth it? Probably not unless you have everything else on point and that potential 1% difference is worth to you.

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Any recovery tips? I’ve been sleeping a lot and taking contrast showers

Focus on the stuff that makes a big difference e.g. sleep, food and good programming make up about 80-90% before worrying about stuff that might make a 1% difference.

It’s all in the vid. If something is not mentioned then it’s either not worth your time or there is insufficient evidence to support it’s use.

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Citrulline malate is one of the few supplements with some science behind it. Most pre-workouts are under-dosed, however. Apparently you need something close to 800mg pre-workout, although I have heard Poliquin say anything less than 1g is a waste of time. I have used it for years, although have only more recently upped the dose to the 1g mark. Is it a game changer? Nope. But then what supplement is. The fact is it is very cheap to buy in bulk and worth taking a punt on, taking consistently when everything else is in check.