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'Citizen Superhero' Arrested




I'm not sure if I think this guy is out of his mind, or if he truly should be commended for at least trying to make his city a better place, even risking his own neck to do it.

Not like I haven't considered doing the same thing myself -lol



Dude....real superheros don't get caught....at least not that easily.

Pepper spraying people who were dancing?

Uh yeah....that's where the real crime is.

How many house burglaries have they stopped or hostage situations?

I am not really against the principal....but the people most likely to do shit like this.




guy also walks around with a camera crew... i dunno if its for litigation purposes or just for attention either way guy's an idiot... and they say he was being pushed around in county jail by the other inmates...


These groups are not new so the laws should already be set up for things like this.

Hell the Guardian Angels have been around for years. NY also had a group called the Pink Panthers who would walk around looking for gay bashers.

The only dif I see with this guy is the outfit and the camera crew.


I think this is the fight. That one girl was pissed




...Just something I've been noticing lately...but why do some women respond with physical violence...against guys who could clearly flatten them if desired?

What makes someone think like that other than the belief that they can't be touched in return?

Does anyone else see how illogical that action is?


This story reminds me of the scene from Dark Knight where the copycats are hung from their necks for public display.

Eventually this guy is going to walk into a situation where serious shit is going down and get himself killed.


Absolutely hilarious.


Well we have one thread were people are bitching that people need to stop playing video games and get out and do something.

WTF this guy is just trying.



I was going to say I see this with mostly women from around the Eastern Block of the world becuase those women just have no fear. But the more I think about it. No.

Many women just have no fear of a man taking a swing at them. NOT all but I have seen this thru my life. A small woman will take on the biggest man if her anger is in the red zone.

If its because they think deep down that most guys will not swing at a woman I'm not sure.


Hilarious! Was going to say he's been playing too many video games but fear it's a dead horse.

But do you see what happens?

He will probably never see a pair of boobies.


you are referring to a woman's actions so by nature it will be "illogical".


I dont know there are a lot of fat guys in prison.


Eh, everybody in that video should have been charged in my opinion. It was two groups of assholes antagonizing each other from what I could see.


Over my head.

I'll take a stab though, they may not play video games but they still sit on their asses. Or on something anyways.


Speaking of fat guys, Am I the only one that seen his side kick???? Was that guy wearing Clown make-up.


I wasn't sure WTF he was. he looked like a juggalo that got lost on his way to an ICP concert,


I have not and would not hit a girl but if a woman physically attacks a man and he retaliates, I cant really fault him.