Citius, Altius, Fortius

Anywhere is walking distance, if you’ve got the time.
–Steven Wright

Fortes fortuna adiuvat.
–Latin Proverb. (“Fortune favors the bold”)

May the Goddess Fortuna smile upon me in my endeavors. This shall be my training log… I should have bought a larger calendar…

Last batch of workouts!! Yay! Sailor Moon Smile! :))

Max-Effort Upper Body

Bench bar x15, 95x10, 135x12, 185x10, 225x7, 275x6, 295x0, 275x4
Flat DB 90x8x9x8
Isometric wave on row machine… 10x10, 12x10, 14xWave (rep, rep 5 sec hold, rep, rep 4 sec hold… etc)*4
DB rear delt flies… 30x15, 35x15, 40x15, 45x10x12x12
BB trap raises 135x10, 225x12, 315x12, 345x15x15x14 (squeeze on every rep), supersetted with trap flared medial delt side raises @ 35 to failure
CG Bench 185x10 225x12x13
Machine work of heavy and high rep V-grip pushdowns with light, fast and higher rep rope pull-downs. 4 max series
Standing DB curls 40x10 55x7x6
Standing pinwheels 55x12x13
Bent-over Arnold Curls 45x12x12x10
Missed 295 something fierce. I let it get out of my strength curve on the descent, landed way too low on my torso. Repped it up with some booty-shakin’ ass-raisin. Pressing felt good today besides that egregious error. My Science do I yearn for repping 3 plates…

Overspeed Training (First time back since incurring an injury doing these last time. Fortune favors the bold. Bitch.)

Regular warm-up, lots of dynamic stretching, lots of mobility work
Plyometrics… fast-claw 3x7ish each leg
30yd series… lunges w/ exaggerated arms x2, ankling x2, single leg ankling fast-claw x2 each, single leg ankling alternating fast-claw x3
10yd series… 10yd quick steps 10yd high-knees/butt-kicks x2
Downhill sprints ~60yds x4. Focusing on hips, knees, arms, and cycle every time.
Flying sprints 3x50yd max ~20yd run-in
Felt good but very slow after time off due to the injury. Really have to avoid injuries.

Max-Effort Lower Body

Squats barx15 95x12 135x12
Box Squats 135x10 185x10 225x8 275x8 315x7 365x7 405x3
Bulgarian Split squat (1-legged w/ DB’s) 55x10 70x10 75x9 80x9x10
Strict Glute-ham raises bodyweightx8x9x9
Ab circuit: sprinter sit-ups, toe touches, hip raise leg ups
BB Calf raises in squat rack 135x20 225x20 315x20 335x20x20x20
Standing Calf raise machine, couple sets to failure
Box Squats felt good, my third week doing them. Could’ve gotten some more reps on 405… but I’ve gotta save some juice for the sprints. Getting some remarkable DOMS in the glutes and hams from these bad boys as it is… that’s my form check, boys and girls.

Dynamic Effort Upper Body

Bench barx15 95x15 135x15 185x21x18x16
Incline DB 80x8x9x11
Lat pulldown 10x10 12x10 14x9x9x8
Seated DB “power-clean” 30x10 35x8 40x8x9x7
DB trap raises 80x12 90x12 95x12x11x13x12
Pinwheels 45x12 55x12 60x12x11x13x11
CG Incline Bench 135x15 185x5 205x3 225x2
Tri V-grip Pushdowns and Rope pull-downs
Felt weak on just about everything except biceps. The biceps are unbreakable. The rest of my body should take note.

Must keep better track of food to solve the riddle of dynamic strength.

Rest day food:

  1. 1 slice chicken bacon onion volcano sauce pizza
    half bbq chicken/beef burrito. YUP LEFTOVERS.

  2. 2 fish oil capsules, 1 oz almonds & 2 scoops whey w/ water. oh yaaa

  3. 6 oz cooked steak, 1 oz almonds, 1 scoop whey w/ water

  4. 6 oz cooked chicken, a serving of potatoes w/ ketchup, few spoonfuls of spinach/lentil/edamame/sausage/chicken soup.

  5. can of tuna with mayo & the secret recipe, 2 scoops casein w/ water

  1. 1 oz almonds 2 scoops whey
  2. 6 oz cooked chicken with cheese
  3. 8 oz cooked chicken/steak with cheese
  4. almonds 2 scoops whey
  5. 8oz cooked steak, decent serving of sweet potatoes, big salad
  6. large bowl of krave cereal w/ skim milk; 2 scoops casein

hour+ of football, 4 hours of volleyball

  1. 1 oz almonds 2 scoops whey
  2. 1 bowl krave 2 scoops whey
  3. 2 scoops whey w/ milk
  4. 4 pieces whole wheat bread, seven whole eggs, four slices bacon, 10 oz cooked steak
  5. some triscuits, 2 scoops casein

Max Upper-Body

Bench 45x15 90x15 135x15 185x10 225x10 275x2(1-0-1 shoulder) 275x2
DB 90x10 100x8x8x7
BB row 185x15 225x14x15x11
rear delt fly 35x15 45x11x10x10
BB trap 225x12 315x12 365x8x8x8 superset w/ trap flared side raise, 35s
CG Bench 135x12 185x12 225x9 255x4 225x9x8
tri superset (v-grip pushdowns w/ rope pushdowns, 4 circuits)
machine tri kickbacks 50x10x10x10
notes felt pretty weak today, benching was poor again but db’s were strong. Odd. Nutrition has been down and played a lot of football and volleyball yesterday so meh.


  1. 1 oz almonds 2 scoops whey
  2. 1 bowl krave
  3. 2 scoops whey with milk
  4. large bowl mixed vegetables, 1lb raw 93% ground beef, 4 whole eggs, 1 box annie’s mac n cheese
  5. 1 bowl krave, 2 scoops whey
  6. 2 scoops casein

Hey man, just got finished reading through this. Pretty interesting stuff. Couldn’t tell if you were serious or not about the football program, though, especially cause you’re 22?

Two days ago…

Dynamic Lower

regular box jumps (standing start, nothing fancy) little box on big box 6x3
power cleans, been a while…
hang clean 95x10 135x10
pclean 135x10 165x3 185x3x3x3
EASTERN BLOC split squat 70 db’s x10x10x10
db curls 45x10 50x8x9
db pinwheels 60x6x8
db curl drop set 50x7 40x8 30x12 20x16
notes meh session. short on time. did the important stuff.

Nutrition will not be discussed… more beers were consumed than have been in a long while. Protein was hit.



warmed up with half my regular shtuff, then played soccer with a friend to prime the cylinders
didn’t measure, distances are approximate, although i have measured on this hill before so pretty accurate. standard deviation of /- 3 yds… STEEP hill @ ~45 degrees. wet conditions
5x10yd <20 sec rest
4x15yd <20 sec rest
3x20yd 30 sec rest
4x50yd 1 min rest
2-4 min rest
4x20yd accelerations flat ground
I just had too many reasons to do hillsprints. Drinking till 5 a.m., sore, wet conditions, et cetera. They felt pretty good. the 40yd accelerations were feeling good… much better than last time. Definitely improving power transfer. Still a ways to go to get where I want. Speed training is more disheartening than strength training. NEED to find a time to do overspeed training at least 1x, pref 2x a week. Gotta improve my hertzzz

Nutrition was kind of poor yesterday, too. Not due to alcohol this time. Weighed in at 212 this morning though so fuck it. Pre urination/defecation too. HOLL@
Something like…

  1. half can of hash, 3 pieces bacon, 3 whole eggs, ketchup
  2. 2 fish oil, 2 scoops whey
  3. 1 bowl krave
  4. 2 scoops whey w/ skim milk
  5. lots of pasta, maybe ~150g carbs, perhaps even more. I’m not too concerned about carbs post sprinting. far less than post lifting, actually. 1 lb cooked chicken. sauce, cheese.
  6. snackin on chips and pretzels
  7. 2 scoops casein

Not as sore as I expected today. Thinking about a double sesshhhh

[quote]tareila wrote:
Hey man, just got finished reading through this. Pretty interesting stuff. Couldn’t tell if you were serious or not about the football program, though, especially cause you’re 22? [/quote]

Thanks for reading chief

I’m quite serious. I was an intense high-school athlete, but the latter half of my career was squandered by injury. When you get good enough at something to realize just how much further you have to go, and you decide to try to go there, something in you shifts. When that decision is compromised by something like an injury, I think you just NEED to try again, somehow, some way, in something.

Age doesn’t matter to play NCAA D1 sports. Unfortunately, years in college do matter.

Dynamic Upper Body

bench 45x15 135x15 185x20x18x16
incline bench 135x12x20x22
flat db 80x8x8x7
lat pulldown machine (16 plate max) 10x12 12x12 14x10x9x8 13x10
face pulls 130lbx15 150lbx15x15x13x12x10}
db shrugs 80x10 90x10 95x12x13x11x12
db curls 40x10 50x8x9x8}
dips bwx10 45x15x12 drop to bw x10
50lb hammers x18x20x22}
machine tricep extensions 50lb x10ish for a few


overall a decent session. noticed something intriguing in my benching… my flat felt somewhat more groovy, man. But literally, i was noticing more of a groove. However, this groove was more bodybuilder-esque i believe, in that it was really limited to the pressing movements (pecs transitioning to the tris), which ironically made me feel a bit weaker. Good to work on this though, as my pressing is subpar compared to my other lifts.

Then on the incline I was feeling kinda gassed around rep 15 in the second set, and just did a fast, concentrated lowering (concentric? eccentric? too tired to look it up) of the bar, and just really hit the groove because it flew up and I got 5 more easy, could’ve done more. Even in my flat, which I do far more often, have I not felt a groove like that. I really think that, perhaps, if I could achieve a similar sensation in my flat benching it would benefit greatly. Will work on this via more focused (bodybuilder style I guess) benching. I think this will especially benefit my heavy days if achieved. According to online rep calculators I should be maxing above 315 when I input my 225 reps and other numbers below my lower rep ranges, suggesting my maximal strength is weak compared to my repping strength. And this is confirmed by that 295 miss the other week as it went way out of my strength groove. Will be looking into this.

Played soccer for 75 mins

Twas fun, until the end. Hurt my knee. This is getting ridiculous. Feels internal too. Hoping for the best. I have assumed my regular protocol for such injuries. REALLY hoping it’s nothing serious and heals up soon. If anyone is considering a legit bulk (25+ lbs… depends on starting weight I guess), I highly recommend doing high-impact exercise at least once a week, if only to gradually strengthen tendons and ligaments. I have been getting these potentially serious injuries regularly. They have been healing up quickly, but I KNOW it’s not muscular, almost positive it’s my body adapting to 1) higher activity levels 2)activity levels @ a higher bodyweight. Did not consider this, regrettably. Hoping this one isn’t bad. Hope hope hope

  1. bowl of raisan bran
  2. 2 scoops whey with milk
  3. corned beef rueben grilled sandwich w/ swiss, bacon and stuff
  4. 2 scoops whey
  5. 10 oz cooked steak, big salad, perhaps 2 cups of homemade risotto
  6. 5 oz cooked steak, 2 cups risotto
  7. 2 scoops casein

Ate a lot today, for dieting standards at least. I did a lot of activity though. That aside, when I injure myself I tend to screw dieting for the first day or two to ensure maximal muscle healing in the shortest time frame possible.

Let’s see if my log will update this time…

knee is feeling better each day. hoping for a speedy recovery. feeling a little sluggish and weak due to lack of activity since the incident, as expected. Just trying to hit protein levels every day. Not too concerned about carbs during recoveries. Mental health is especially important during setbacks. Weighed in @ 213 this AM

What position are you shooting for?

What do your DL and Squat numbers look like? Most of your uploads are purely bench.

If you hit 275x6 you should definitely be able to hit 315 for 1-2 maybe it is a technique error…

What school do you plan on walking on to and have you contacted their coaching staff yet?
-Most D1 football programs do their walk on tryouts early Feb in order to make cuts and have a solid roster for summer practices.

Lastly, if you are really worried about your press, why not try something like Gavrilo’s add 50, Coan 11 weeks bench, or Smolov JR. All have great results.

Propinate nobis similbusque

RB/LB. At the end of the day, I’ll play anywhere.

Hah, yeah, most of my updates have been upper-body recently for two reasons: I’m implementing more sprint workouts so I’ve toned my leg days down; and I keep injuring my fuckng knees as they adjust to my new body weight.

Strength has been doing down due to diet. Box squatted 405x3 last week, prob could’ve gotten a few more. Haven’t done traditional squat/DL in a while… last numbers were 405x2 450x3, respectively. Instead I’ve been doing box squats and Romanian DL’s… last Romanian numbers were 405x10 for 3 sets.

I don’t really want to mention the school’s name for a few reasons, but, it’s a school in the big east and yes I’ve been in contact with them. I wasn’t on campus in the spring. Tryouts will be in early September. The coaches are not very forthcoming with information.

I would not doubt it is a technique error, my technique is probably poor in both bench and traditional DL… I’d like to improve it but I’m kind of flying by night due to the type of gym I go to. In the DL i have trouble keeping myself tight and my back correct. In benching my ass just wants to fly off the bench whenever it gets heavy. I tried the westside style (legs bent back towards head, on the toes) and despised it.

Haven’t heard of any of those programs, hah. Smolov Jr. looks intriguing because it is so brief and I’m on a schedule. I won’t start it now though, due to dieting. I feel like I should be able to rep 315 for at least a double for my position. Crazy to me the frequency of benching on that program. Bro paradise

… amat victoria curam …

P.S. 585 raw?

Smolov JR is great, as long as you have healthy shoulders. Stretching is also a must. But it brought me up to a 425 paused and 435 touch and go.

I am currently running the coan bench to just solidify my base so i can run Sheiko until my comp.

and what do you mean 585?

Anyhow, cool log, ill follow along.

Achilles- Haha, in your avatar it appears someone is squatting 585 raw, I assumed it was you. Glad to have you follow, should be an interesting journey. Anyways, thanks for making me aware of those bench programs, I think I’ll try Smolov JR in a month or two once I’m done cutting. Might have some Q’s for you.

Been outta the gym for a few days due to family/holiday/work/injury. Went to a different gym than my usual one tonight. Pretty nice equipment, a lot of Hammer Strength machines, kind of fun to work with since I’m not familiar with them.

Max Upper Body

bench 45x15 95x15 135x15 185x10 225x10 255x4 275x4x2
db 90x6x8
hammer strength bench 2 platesx10 3 platesx8x6x4 drop 2 platesx10
hammer strength low row 2 platesx10 3 platesx12x14x13x11
rear delt fly 40x12 45x14x14x12x10
seated bb military press 95x10 135x10 165x4 135x10
cg bench 135x10 225x6x6
hammer strength trap raise 2 platesx10 3platesx12 3plates and a 25x13x13x10 drops and superset with trap flared side raises
db curls 45x8 50x6x7 drop>> 40x10 30x12 20x14
notes not a BAD day, considering diet/injury and stuff. felt kind of weak on a few exercises (milis and cg bench come to mind)… but, i hit my 275 for a few, back felt strong --as always–and I got a good trap session in, all of which are personal priorities while cutting.

Still waiting for the knee to get better. Hoping by this weekend… SIGH.

Yeah let me know if you have ?'s

And yeah my avi is me lol I just didnt know that was what you are talking about. Its an old pick, my current 1rm is 620, there are a few vids in my log of such loads.

also for some reason standing military press aides my bench more than seated, might want to try little tweaks like that if you are looking to improve your bench more rapidly.

Achilles- Interesting on the militaries. I assume we are talking barbell. Which style do you think is of most benefit? Strong english (little jump pushes)? Or no english (strict bodybuilder style)?

Dynamic Upper

Bench 45x15 95x15 135x15 185x25x15x16
db 80x6x8 70x12
machine row 12x10 iso wave pattern 3x13 (1 rep, 1 rep 5 sec hold, 1 rep, 1 rep 4 sec hold… etc)
rear delt fly 40x12 45x12x14x14
traps 80x10 90x12x12x10x13 superset with 30lb trap flared side raises
db curls 40x10 50x5 45x7
db hammer 50x10
db curl 45x6 30x12

notes frustrating week. waiting for the knee to heal. weight has stalled. I’m spinning my wheels, and I will be until my knee is better.

Might have to test the knee tomorrow despite morning tightness and soreness, as well as tightness and soreness after sitting. Perhaps some hill sprints will work the kinks out.

Max Upper

bench 45x15 95x15 135x15 185x12 225x11 275x4x4 225x15
db 90x8x9x8
row iso wave @ 13x 5-4-3-2-1 5-4-3-2-1 1-2-3-4-5
rear delt fly 45x12x12x13
cg bench 225x8x7
3 part arnold with 70+bar, 40/35, 40+bar… X3
2 part tri with pushdown and rope
smith trap raises
db traps 90x10x10x10 squeeze edition

notes pretty good day surprisingly. bench felt good. there was an informal 225 reps contest so i partook after my heavy sets, not upset with 15 all things considered.

  1. 1 piece toast 4 eggs
  2. tuna (51g protein), mayo
  3. 2 scoops whey
  4. pb&j
  5. 2 scoops whey
  6. ramen, half a lasagna
  7. tuna (33g protein) w/ mayo. 2 scoops casein

it’s really time to test the knee. i gave it a few more days due to excessive morning soreness… but it’s time to test it out. tomorrow or the next day.

if the levee breaks I’ll ride the wave. GO TIME.

am - 20 mins continuous cardio circuit… old muay thai and boxing stuff, bodyweight stuff, dumbbell stuff, ab stuff. kept it short due to knee

pm - couldnt wait any more to try the knee out. did a light hill sprint session after a brief warmup. 10x6 20x4 30x4 40x3. felt good for what it was. no knee pain during, hoping for no flare-ups tonight/tomorrow morning

diet will be interesting for the rest of the day

thursday- 2 1/2 hours of volleyball. lots of jumping/direction-changing…knee felt decent

friday- am cardio circuit of boxing, bodyweight stuff, plyometrics, etc


Dynamic Upper

bench 45x15 95x15 135x15 185x25x18x15
db 90x6x8x7
elevated stretch pushups, 2 sets to failure
lat pull down 10x12 12x10 14x7x7x6 12x9
db power clean 30x12 35x10 40x10x11x11x9
bb traps 135x10 225x10 315x12 345x10x10x10 squeezing

notes ran out of time due to work. decent session

1- 2 scoops whey with milk
2- bacon cheeseburger with 2 eggs; bacon egg and cheese
3- 10 oz cooked chicken with cheese and corn
4- 4 oz cooked chicken with cheese and corn; 3-4 oz tuna steak, shrimp and corn, mashed taters

knee seems “useable” but far from 100%

tread softly, i will

night sesh

usual circuit
hill sprints 4x10 4x20 4x30 4x40

felt quick and explosive in all 10s and 20s, form was depreciating in the latter halves of the 30s and 40s, still felt powerful

  1. 1 piece of bread 4 whole eggs
  2. 10 oz cooked chicken with 2 pieces bacon and cheese
  3. 50g protein tuna with low fat mayo and 2 slices bacon
  4. 7 oz cooked flank steak with 3 whole eggs and corn; a lot of my spesal homemade spicy udon soup
    maybe a 5) of casein, feel pretty bloated might skip it

possibly legs tomorrow


long warm up
box squat 135x15 185x10 225x10 275x10 315x10 365x8 405x4
rear leg elevated single leg squat bwx10 dual 55’sx10 dual 60’sx9x10
deadlift, romanian variation 225x10 315x10 405x10
glute ham raises bwx11x10

confused and pleased by the fact that I have returned with such strength despite the nearly 3 weeks off. I was deeply tempted to push the envelope further, but seeing as I hadn’t even planned on doing as much as I did, I didn’t want to encounter injury due to zealotry. Hopefully that doesn’t happen this time.

This was a fasted morning session after a night of hill sprints. And I’m off creatine.

I really held back in the box squats and romanians, but it’s probably for the best for now. Mehhh it was SO tempting to enjoy a nice set of 495.

perhaps I was overdoing it before the injury

Happiness index is high today. Time to feast on my special noodles, meat and eggs.